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How Was Business Film Booth Born?

We met networking one day, we both had video production businesses we had set up and we both seemed to have a similar view that business video needed changing as it was often stale, out dated and quite frankly, boring. 

We deciding to attempt crowdfunding a short film Dave had written, with the aim of creating a following on Youtube with video blogs on production and film making. This would hopefully put us in front of enough people to raise the cash to start production. 

We shot on a black background due to its cinematic feel, no green screen or an apple style white background as we felt that had been done to death. 

One day, one of us had a lightbulb moment (we will never agree who had it) and realised this simple background and lighting set up looked great and might just work for businesses. 

Video is always being tipped as a must have marketing tool yet most businesses can’t afford it and if they could, we felt they were not getting the most out of it.  

We wanted to make video disposable and repeatable meaning you could treat them like e-mails, or landing pages or Facebook updates. More importantly we wanted to help people use it in ways they had never imagined. 

After a lot of brainstorming we came up with the world first video production membership for businesses giving anyone the chance to produce as much video as they liked over a year. 

Since then the company has developed to offer different production packages including our Corporate video days allowing business the chance to create huge amounts of video in one day and our cinematic video productions. 

We like to think of ourselves as the anti corporate video video production company. We won’t produce anything we don’t think will work. As a result we are happy to lose businesses if what the client wants will do them no favours.  

For us its not about video, its about bringing the best out of people on camera and making them represent their businesses in a way they never dreamt possible and helping them use it to its best effect. 


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We are above Bondlink hair and beauty supplies. When you go in the building take a left up the stairs. At the top of the stairs walk forward down the corridor, we are the last door on the left. Please park in the two car parking spaces at the back right of the car park with our sigs on.

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