Business Film Booth

Corporate video – promo video – video marketing or anything business video related? You’re in the right place. 

Business Film Booth

Corporate video – promo video – video marketing or anything business video related? You’re in the right place. 

Some cinematic video marketing examples. 

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Above are some examples of our work. Including:

• Promotional videos
• Product videos
• Testimonial videos
• Service videos
• Corporate videos

Having one business video produced for your business is great however we feel that due to the power of corporate video and the demand it has from your following, having multiple videos produced will have the biggest impact. Get in touch to find out how we can provide maximum value. 

Some Super Booth video marketing examples. 

Come to life on camera, capture your companies culture and give your website and marketing engagement on a whole new level .  Click the playlist button to scroll through some examples of how we’re doing just this for companies just like yours. 

We can produce videos just like this at our studios in Hemel Hempstead and London or even at your workplace. Super Booth videos are awesome for simplifying your offering, content marketing, vlogs, e-mails, YouTube channels, lead magnets, you name it. Check out the testimonials below to see some of the results of these videos. 

Don’t worry – It’s all in the direction 


Video sucks! No really it does. You see video is just a format to capture moving images and sound, it will have no benefit to your business at all if what it captures does not appeal to your target audience or makes them switch off straight away.  

We know why video sucks

It’s got nothing to do with the person in front of the camera, it’s all about the direction. You see there is a strong chance you or your team have never presented to camera or produced a video of any kind before.

This is why we focus on directing our clients to look great on camera and help them come up with concepts which will appeal to their target audience. We use all the knowledge and science we’ve picked up producing over 5000 videos to create video content that works.

We help with ideas, presentation coaching, nailing the intro to hook your audience and that all important engagement your viewers are craving. So if you’ve been worried about the creative process and presenting to camera, have no fear, it’s our job to take care of that so all you need to do is worry about being you. 

Check out what our clients think about our creative process below. 

What our clients say 

See what people around the UK have to say. 

  • "For the first time since we have done this sort of thing, I feel we finally have a true representation of our business, and it spoke our language."

    Jc W10 Performance
  • I sent one of mine on an e-blast and one of the contacts phoned Summit and I took the call – as it turned out they were enquiring about my email and the product offer – I then gave them my name and they said ‘oh, are you the same Ian as in the video’ – well, that’s when the conversation turned more light-hearted and he ended up placing an order in the end –  (and we got an appointment to discuss other requirements too!).

    Ian Summit Hygiene
  • I've been a Booth Member for A YEAR and these guys are awesome. Dave and Ed advise, direct, and edit to create amazing videos for my business - can't tell you the amount of times I've been told "Oh yes, I've seen your videos". Not only is it bringing in business, but it's opening doors to collaborations. Love it - here's to plenty more years!

    Sam Bite Me marketing
  • Business Film Booth are brilliant! Their monthly Booth membership is such a great concept - it gives me the opportunity to create fresh new video every month keeping content current and relevant. They make the whole experience comfortable and fun and are excellent at getting to the heart of your subject. Guidance every step of the way is invaluable. Thanks guys!

    Kate Meredith Marketing
  • These guys are such a great find. Expert at making what could be a daunting experience a relaxed one. Skilled at putting together snappy, to the point, high quality films that deliver your messages. We've are so impressed at how well they understood the brief. This is a cool company that we recommend highly.
    Lucy How To Thrive
  • Dave & Ed made producing these videos fun and interesting. They are also a great confidence booster if you work in sales. Anyone that wants to boost their speaking skills or produce some really great videos I suggest you get in touch with Dave & Ed!!"

    Criag Fast Mover Tools

Videos about video marketing 

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