Course 4: Master presenting

Learn how to become more confident on camera, how to look more professional and eliminate all of the basic presenting mistakes that make people look bad on camera.






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Why invest your time here?

If you’ve set goals and then worked out a strategy to achieve them and planned content your target audience will adore and then written an absolute show stopper, you don’t want to wrap it all up in toilet paper just as you hand it over to your viewers. The delivery of your content needs to be the highest quality possible to make sure people are not put off with dull and lifeless presenting.

Completing this course will:

Who is the course for?

Personal brands who need to appear credible and authentic and brands who want to train their teams to present personal videos.

Why you hate watching yourself back.

You’ll hate your voice, what you look like and you won’t feel comfortable watching yourself back when you start making video. That is normal, we all go through it. This video will teach you why you need to get past it and crucially, how to get past it.

This video will take you from nervous wreck to confident presenter with tried and tested techniques we’ve been using with first time presenters for years.

Armed with the powerful technique from the previous video, here you’ll learn more simple presenting techniques that’ll make you look like a pro in no time.

People love to argue with us about this video. There are many ways to present, but after working with hundreds, maybe even thousands of business people, we find the approach we teach in this video is faster, more effective and easier for novice vloggers/presenters to pick up.

This video will teach you where to look when on camera. That’s right, a whole video on where your eyes should point! Who would have thought it? It is, however, incredibly important and will impact how your viewer perceives you.

Some people prefer presenting straight from the script, some prefer using bullet points, this video will run you over the pros and cons so you can make the right decision for yourself.

We use a teleprompter for our own videos and with our clients, this video reviews the product so you can decide if it’s the right one for you. 


Think you’re too fat, old, or not cool enough to be on camera? It’s a common misconception that you need to be a “pleasant on the eye” to present. Fortunately that’s where you’d be mistaken. This video will teach you why no matter what you look like (or think you look like), you’re good enough for the camera.


Who are you to teach me? You’re not good enough, you’re a phoney! These are all common concerns when it comes to content marketing.

This video will teach you how to get over imposter syndrome and thrive.

Why not step outside and film your vlog? Well it might not actually be legal. This video will get you up to speed with filming in public places.

Witness a first time presenter go from 💩 to 💪🏽 using all of the techniques we teach.

Quick fire learning

These slide decks will recap and educate you fast. Click left and right on the image to move through the deck.

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