8 Key things you need to have in place before you start your YouTube channel


8 Key things you need to have in place before you start your YouTube channel


Why is it most channels on YouTube will fail? Well, it’s because they are missing out on some key steps to take BEFORE they even start.It might be because a lot of the big channels accidentally grew, they might not have expected YouTube to become so massive, but!

Because of this growth and obsession, everyone wants in, which means you can’t start a successful channel by simply filming anymore. You’ve got to be more strategic!!! You need to treat your content as a business, your channel as your marketing tool and your viewers as loyal customers.

It might sound scary to you, but with these steps, we’re about to teach you, you’ll be one step ahead of the rest. Ha!!!


Step 1. Youtube Channel Goals!!

Pick your goals. Now you might be a kid in their bedroom dreaming of YouTube fame or a marketer looking to grow awareness and drive traffic to their website.

Either way without a solid goal to aim towards, you’re likely to end up drifting off, getting fed up or feeling like you’re not making much progress.

You need what’s known as a ” big hairy audacious goal” before you start your channel… Something that seems unachievable, so you keep striving towards it.

Becoming rich and famous is not a goal you can work towards, you need specific numbers or and endpoints.

You being able to quit your job and work three days a week on your channel and earn enough to live off. That’s a goal, one this channel will strive to help you with so make sure you subscribe and join the mission.

You then have to write down your goal, and then tell it to people, publically. If you do this, you’re more likely to stick at it, because nobody wants to look like a failure.

Put a timescale on it too, but don’t be unrealistic. Going viral is a one in a million thing, so saying in 8 years you want to hit your big goal.


2. Go Niche with your YouTube Channel

You’ll hear other people talk about this too, but it’s essential that your channel has a point and is of something of interest to other people.

PewdiePie started just talking over computer games, he’s now more general, but he built his following for his love of gaming. He’s currently got 70 million subscribers

You need to start even more niche than gaming in general though now because of the competition.

Youtube is a search engine at the end of the day, so the more competition you have, the harder it is to get ranked, seen and suggested.

You should pick one game you love and roll with that until you’re getting enough traction to branch out or stick to it.

The term micro niche is something you’ll start to hear more and more about over the coming years as it’s something businesses looking to harness.

Not 1 million subscribers but 10,000 highly engaged precisely in their target market who they will want to pay you to advertise to or if you’re a business you’ll be able to turn these viewers into paying clients.

Small is the new big people.

Eventually, you’ll become known for your niche, and that’s when the party will start.


3. YouTub channel values and your viewers

There’s a great scene in Bohemian Rhapsody where EMI ask Queen who they’re for. Freddie says they’re for the misfits. The people who don’t belong. Everything Queen ever did was for this audience.

Their music stuck to this, it didn’t stick to one particular sound. It became a genre misfit going from rock to country to hip hop.

The band was made up of 4 entirely different miss fits from a charismatic frontman, to a boff, a ladies man and even had a missfit in the missfits.

If wasn’t just their music that encapsulated their values, it was everything about them and the result was everyone who had ever felt like a miss fit gravitated towards them.

Now we’re going deep, but it’ll pay off big time if you can get this right.

Your values are what you stand for, and it’s the thing that will create a deeper connection with your viewer. It will make them feel like they are on your wavelength.

They can be tough to realise, but they need to be memorable, unique, actionable, meaningful, clear and defined.

You only want a channel built on fans who feel like they’re on the same page as you.


4. Channel tone of voice.

Another one that’s somewhat deep and might scare you. Your tone of voice would otherwise be your persona or online character here.

If you’re new to creating videos, then it’s going to take a while before you figure this out.

Putting it directly, if you want to be a playful character then you need to make sure in every video you produce, this tone runs right.

You might want to be more straight-laced and be super useful, that’s ok but suddenly mixing between the two could get a little confusing
, so think about the tone you want to develop when you start.


5, Research and plan content.

More boring stuff I know! But YouTube is all about your viewer, what they want to watch or learn.

As its a search engine you can find out quite easily what videos are getting a lot of views. Tools like Ubersuggest will give you exact monthly searches on Google for terms too so you can plan your content topics around that.

Once you’ve got your topics, plan the videos, write a script, and make sure it fits in with your values and tone before you film. Then make sure your title is in keeping with the way people search and the content that follows in the video.

Those vloggers make it look effortless, and when you’ve made 2000 videos it is not as hard, but they will spend time analysing and working out what to create, which will likely take longer than the production stage itself.

Ok still with me? Following this will be well worth it in the long run, you’re building the foundations of your house, so it doesn’t fall down.


6. Batch your production 

This is really important. YouTube wants you to create great content, but it wants a lot of it.

To grow your channel, you have to get as much viewing minutes as possible, and this will lead to more suggested views, which is how people will find you in the end.

Batching is researching, planning, filming and editing and thumbnail building a whole quarters content in one go. Now we want to upload 3 videos a week to our channel which means we need to produce around 36 videos in one go.

Trying to produce these on the fly when we get time is a sure fire way of failing at growing your channel.

Get all your content created and schedule it on Youtube, it might take you a whole week to do, but then you’ve got plenty of time to live your life, get back to work and start researching and planning the next batch.

This also allows for sick days, people leaving the business and time to analyse what’s working with your content and what isn’t so you can use that data in your next set of videos.


7. Learn how YouTube works

That’s right, learn the system before you start production, it will heavily influence how you produce videos.

There’s tons of content out there to teach you, but the best way that’s free is to check out Youtube certification courses.
We made a video all about it which will be in the description. Master the tool, and you’ll grow so much quicker.


8. Have fun, enjoy your YouTube channel

The growth of your channel and the speed at which your big hairy audacious goal comes towards you will get you down at times.

No matter the reason you’re creating and growing this channel, you need to have fun with it, celebrate the little wins, ignore the trolls and focus on the great comments people leave.

It’s no small task growing a channel now, and it might happen faster than expected, but you’ve got to keep at it, enjoy it and stick with it through the good and the bad times.

The moment you quit is the moment your channel and dream dies with it.

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