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Course 8: Editing videos

Learn a system you can use on any software to edit videos fast and professionally.






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Why invest your time here?

Editing is the cherry on top of everything the other courses have taught you. It can bring creativity, branding and personality to a creation. This course will teach you the basics to master which is often all you need to make a professional looking video.

Completing this course will:

Who is the course for?

Personal brands and brands who need their content to reflect their strong brand image.

This video will take you through the 7 step process we use to edit vlogs and all kinds of videos. Master these basics and you’ll go from beginner to pro in no time

If you want to know how to appear more confident on camera then learning these basic video editing techniques will boost your style and professionalism significantly.


If you want to know how to use transitions without ruining your entire video then this is for you. There are so many transitions available, most suck and sifting through them all will waste too much time so in this video, we give you some basic ones you can trust as well as ones to avoid.

iMovie review – Is it good enough for small YouTube creators and businesses? In this vlog we examine the pros and cons of the free editing software to see if it has what it takes.

Hit play to learn how to edit a presented to camera video on the free software, iMovie.

For many businesses and small creators moving past basic editing software prematurely could cause more issues than it’s worth. In this video we discuss the pros and cons of each editing software to help you decide if upgrading to the professional option is worthwhile.

Shotcut is a Mac and PC editing solution that we think anyone who wants to bring more creativity to their content should be able to master. It’s free, powerful and there are plenty of tutorials online to help you use it.
If you’re thinking about learning to edit or changing over solution and you don’t want to spend a penny, then here are the three best free solutions for your YouTube channel or business in 2020.

In this video we give you the best free video compression tool to ensure your video uploads don’t take too long, your quality remains high, and your file sizes small.

Should small YouTube channels and businesses pay to get access to a big bank of stock footage for B-roll? Hit play to find out our thoughts on the video platform.

Learn how to use music in your YouTube videos. It’s not just a case of picking a track you like. Music plays an important part in setting tone and pace for your videos.

If you don’t have money to spend on your videos then check out these free music resources you can use without getting into a heap of licensing trouble.

Soundstripe vs Epidemic sound Vs, what’s the best platform for small YouTubers and creators? We review each in the eyes of smaller channels and brands.