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Course 9: Promoting videos

Learn how to promote videos on the major platforms, use video ads on YouTube and optimise content for search






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Why invest your time here?

This is the final hurdle, course one is where your promotion planning should have started, now you need to get it out there. This course will teach you how to use video on the major platforms so you get views and results. We will update this on a regular basis as the platforms change.

Completing this course will:

Who is the course for?

Personal brands and businesses who want to learn how to use video on their platforms of choice so they get more reach, views, conversion and sales.
If you want to promote your business, your YouTube channel or YouTube videos then you need to learn the easiest, fastest and best ways to promote your content on social media. This video will teach you:

Square videos take up 78% more screen space on mobile phones, which is why using them in your ads or regular content is really important. The thing is, they can be a right pain to make. This video will teach you how to make eye popping square videos with subtitles the easy with (ish)

Here are 3, free and cheap ways to make closed captions for videos online.

Are you uploading correctly? Without making sure you tick every box, you’ll find it much harder to grow your channel and you’ll miss out on a truckload of views.

Twitter goes hand in hand with YouTube but like most other social media platforms, there are certain ways you can use your videos on them to get the best reach, views and engagement. Watch the video to learn what they are and how to take advantage of them.

It might sound a little dull but LinkedIn is where big business decisions can happen (apparently). There’s great reach and it provides the perfect environment to grow your personal brand.

Facebook is currently the largest social media channel out there and as a result, it’s one you should look at for growing your channel and getting more views. Watch the video to learn how to get more views of your videos with Facebook.


Instagram is your behind the scenes, VIP platform. You can use it to build a relationship with your viewers and let them in on your world. Hit play to learn how to grow your views, subs and more.

If you want better average watch times then a website is a sure fire way of getting them. Websites will become a crucial tool for building your channel so hit play to learn how to use them to your advantage.

Want longer watch times and to be able to take control over who sees your videos and when? Then you need to check out e-mail. Sounds old school, but trust us, it’s still da bomb.

How to get more views without social media isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Hit play to find out three tricks you can use to grow your channel.

Skippable adverts guide. If you’ve ever wondered how to get an advert at the start of a YouTube video then hit play to see how it’s done in this super short explainer video.

Do you know the benefits of youtube adverts for small businesses? If you’re a business or a channel making money or with something to sell then YouTube adverts are a massive opportunity.

In this video, we examine just how big that opportunity is.


YouTube adverts can target people who have watched a particular video, channel and in a load of other powerful ways. Hit play to learn just how focused the platform is for getting your message to the right people.

If you want to use YouTube adverts but you’re worried they’ll annoy people then this video will teach you how to make sure they’re seen as helpful instead.

If you want to get a message out to your YouTube channel subscribers then showing them and them alone an advert can be very powerful. It’s cheap, enables you to push offers at them or just show them the trailer to your latest release. You can also use this same tutorial to retarget website users and more.

If you want to grow a YouTube channel then mastering Google search could actually bring in more views than YouTube’s search. Hit play to learn how both of these platforms work together and what the pros and cons of each are.

Want to know how to get 100,000 views on a YouTube video even if you’re a small channel? It’s possible but there are a few things you need to consider to achieve it.
This video will show you the exact system we used to hit 100,000 views.

Want to know more about YouTube click-through rate or CTR? Learn what it is, how to increase it and how to find out your own CTR. You’ll also learn how to overcome the issues auto preview thumbnails might bring to your channel. This ultimate click-through rate video will teach you everything you need to know and more.

Quick fire learning

These slide decks will recap and educate you fast. Click left and right on the image to move through the deck.