Booth Awards – February 2018

 Booth of the month awards

⭐️ The Winner – January 2018 ⭐️

RESULT: A really close month this month for all finalists. Wills Trust & protect kindly donated their winning slot to help raise awareness for SportSpace meaning this months winner is our youngest ever! And what a star she is!

 Booth of the month awards

Getting in front of camera doesn’t come naturally to most business people. Each month we like to recognise the legends who brave putting themselves out there for the good of their business.  We celebrate those who think outside the box, take risks and produce content that connects and raises a smile.

The Booth of the month vision:

We set up the BOTM awards in the aim that one day it would become a distribution platform that helped generate our clients awareness and leads. the amazing thing is, it’s already starting to do just that! All winners go in to the video of the year competition to battle it out for the Video of the year every November. 

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