Level two - The phone call

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Level 2: The phone call:

So you’ve completed the survey. If you’re survey results check out you’re likely to hear from us in the next 24 hours. Good luck. 


It’s a friendly call, we will have a chat, ask some more questions, you can ask us some questions and then we will point you towards level 3, the personality profile. 

In order to totally dominate the market in the UK and globally, we need to make sure our Booth producers succeed and we know the level 3 profile is one more step towards finding out if you’re suited to having success with us.

Oh but wait, this profile is going to cost you a small sum (about $90 USD), it doesn’t come to us though. It goes to talent dynamicsClick here to find out more, we have no connection with them, it’s just an awesome profiling tool we use. 

Not paying for that nonsense? Booth Directors take risks, experiment, try new things and know the power of personality, which means it’s a no brainer for the people we’re after. Click here to watch a video of a baby monkey riding on a pig backwards if you think this is just a silly scam. 

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Level 2 – the phone call
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