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Why Vote Pneuma Communications?

You might not believe us but he’s not an actor. Danny Bates gives us all a run for our money when it comes to performing on camera. When we set up the business we wanted businesses to use their team members to promote themselves, we never dreamt the standard would get so high. 

Not only that the content’s fun, engaging, clever! Lets face it, you won’t see another telecoms company produce something like this so its a big-time differentiator. 

Why Vote Alphabond?

Our Booth of the month April 2019 winner.

The chances are if you’re reading this, you’re not an expert in glue, if you are, welcome to the site. The reason this video makes for excellent communication is because of the creative way it makes a point. You see, glue like this usually gets very, very hot, which means it’s dangerous and the heating is expensive.

The Alphabond team developed a glue that gives excellent results with less danger and running costs but just saying this, would be dull and too obvious.

Comparing it to an everyday drink like a cup of tea gives it a creative spin that provides entertainment and follows the golden rule of “show, don’t tell.”

It’s a lesson in creative communication you should note down.

Why Vote Nexus 8

If you want to sell your service, then don’t talk about it.

Show it, show your knoweldge, how you do things, and build your credibility. That’s selling.

Matt nails this vlog, the contents incredibly interesting, it’s scientific, and it pulls you in to be met with a very very soft sell at the end. 

Why HBS Group?

Our winner of our March Booth of the Month contest.

If you go back and read what we’ve written below finalists every month for years, you’ll notice an unmistakable pattern:

“Show, don’t tell”

It’s something we rattle on about a lot. You see great video, especially promo, is hard to make because you need to come up with a creative way of showing people what you do or can do without just saying it.

The HBS Group has taken the benefits of the pencils they sell, and instead of saying “they’re strong,” “they don’t break,” they are showing it with video evidence. Not only are their benefits now believable, but it’s fun to watch!

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