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Case study and testimonial videos that give people the feeling they’ll get when they associate with your brand.


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People are 63% more likely to purchase a product or service if it has ratings and reviews
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79% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family
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Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%
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90% of consumers admit their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews

Cinema Booth

Video testimonials Vs Video testimonials  – Case Studys Vs Case Studys

There are two types of video testimonials and case study videos, unfortunately they have the same name. That’s because it’s got nothing to do with the style of video but the way it’s put together and the people who are involved.  

When people are placed in front of a camera it’s natural for them to become nervous, they are very aware that they are supposed to say something good about the company and that often means they over think and sound too staged.  

You can tell straight away as you hit play on testimonial and case studio video type 1 and it leaves for an equally uncomfortable viewing experience. 

The solution to this is Cinema Booth. Interview techniques are used that not only relax the participant but make them forget they are being filmed so that all their emotion can flood out. The experience for the viewer is that they are part if the conversation and have all their concerns met by real people. 

This becomes very genuine and believable and holds the viewers attention right to the end meaning they soak up a huge amount of credibility from your brand. What’s not to like!

Ten tips to produce great testimonial & case study videos

Getting people to feature in your case study and testimonial videos is often the hardest part. Here are ten tips to help you find the right people and get them involved to make great, 100% genuine video content. 

  1. Don’t pester – if they show any reluctance, let it go. No matter how perfect they are they won’t come across as genuine
  2. Go to them – If you’re trying to get a client to do something, make it super easy for them and send the production company to them. It won’t take long. 
  3. Have a party – Well an event. If they are enjoying an event their excitement will come across well on camera and you’ll have lots of your ideal subjects in the same place. 
  4. Power in numbers – Get multiple people to feature in the video, it really carries the momentum and can paint a more accurate and believable picture.
  5. Find someone you upset – Yup, when that play button gets hit and they hear “They really let me down” straight away, your viewer is going to be at full attention. No company is perfect, it’s how we deal with problems that sets us apart. Get testimonials that show how you’ll always make it up to clients if something does go wrong. 
  6. Don’t put words in their mouth – This will come across completely phoney and will put off the viewer
  7. Don’t promise them a plug – When people hit play they want to hear about what’s in it for them so they can make an informed decision. You can give some context to who the subject is but don’t tell them they can promote themselves in order to try and get them to appear in it. (instead of Viewers) The internet is brutal, viewers only care about themselves
  8. Let the director take control – As long as you’ve given a brief and the key questions that have to be answered, let the director probe and go off in a potentially different direction. They will most likely find out some golden information.
  9. Keep it short – A ten minute testimonial or case study video will not get watched very far. You’ll get away with longer case studies but testimonials should be treated as a highlights reel of your best bits. 
  10. B-roll – Shoot footage of the client in their natural environment, try to avoid shots of them answering the phone as its lazy and not very engaging for the viewer. This footage goes over the top of the interviews and helps tell more of a story. 
  • "You have helped me find my "why" which is my brand and which people want to buy from"

    Barry Jacobs The Handmade Jewellery Company Ltd
  • These guys are such a great find. Expert at making what could be a daunting experience a relaxed one. Skilled at putting together snappy, to the point, high quality films that deliver your messages. We've are so impressed at how well they understood the brief. This is a cool company that we recommend highly.
    Lucy How To Thrive
  • If your business is considering using video, I'd recommend Dave and Ed at Business Film Booth without hesitation. They are experts in their field and take the time to understand and present your brand to full effect. After making our first video, our company generated new leads by inviting prospects to view it. A great investment and we will be doing more.

    Black Bird Communications