Become the obvious choice online


Put yourself in a room of 1000 prospects all interested in your service, given 45 seconds to a minute with all of them, how many could you convince to take a call from you in two days time? Remember, they’re are all interested, from starting to think about your service to being ready to buy.

How many then? 50%? 40% 10%? Pause for a second and have a think.

Why do you think you can convince that many? Is it because you listened to their problem and realised you had the solution and you could help?

Now check your website analytics. How many visitors did you get last month and how many called you?

People will visit your website with a problem they want solving, they won’t likely be ready to buy though. In fact, 96% of people visit your website not ready to buy! (Kissmetrics) That’s huge!

In a world of instant gratification and mass competition, the best way to become the obvious choice online is by proving to your prospects that you are an expert. The expert! The obvious choice. And you don’t just say you are, you show you are!

You do that by creating videos, the internet’s favourite form of content , that solve the problems you know your prospects have. From the beginning to the end of their buying cycle, you’ll be there, holding their hand, being useful, building trust, rapport and becoming referable without ever meeting them. Oh but they’ll feel like they’ve met you. If you can prove you’re the expert by helping them the moment they discover you then a visit to the competition’s website is going to be a very underwhelming experience.


Think of the top 5 problems your ideal clients have and then produce videos on how to help them get over these, you can’t really give away too much information because the more you give, the more your prospects realise you know what you’re talking about.

Prove to them you’re the right person for the job and you’re more likely to get it.