how to reduce bounce rate using video

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What is a bounce rate?

A bounce rate is not a mythical beast, it;s actually pretty simple. When somebody comes to your site and doesn’t interact with it all and leaves immediately that’s classes as a bounce. 

How is bounce rate measured

Your bounce rate is measured as a percentage in your website’s analytics. It will say something like 80% or 65%. So, if your bounce rate is 80% over a 6 month period, it means that 80% of people who came to your page or site didn’t interact with it at all.

What is a good bounce rate?

So, what is a good bounce rate then? Well:

Below 30% is excellent.

30%-60% is good

Above 60% is poor.

How do you check your bounce rate?

Simple. You just log in to your Google analytics and it is right there in front of you on page one next to the average time spent on the page or site. 

How to reduce your bounce rate using video. 

How can you do this? Well, actually it’s pretty simple.

All you need to do is put a video onto a page and you’ll automatically reduce the bounce rate by an average of 34%. So if your bounce rate is currently around the 80% mark, putting just one video on your site could reduce it down to 53%. You’ll have gone from the ‘BAD’ bounce rate league to the ‘GOOD’ in one fell swoop. In other terms, if 1000 people came to your site in a month, 270 more of them would have interacted with it.

Is that a real stat? That’s pretty amazing. Of course, our maths could be completely wrong. But this is the internet… people just believe what they’re told anyway… *coughs*

If your goal is to reduce the bounce rate of your website than using a video will do this.

But just putting a video on your site won’t have a full impact. If you want to reduce your bounce rate to the max, there are 4 steps that if you follow will do just that.

4 Steps to make sure video reduces your bounce rate. 

1. Thumbnail

You only have about 10 seconds online to make an impression, so make sure your thumbnail screams ‘CLICK ME!’

2. Add some text to your thumbnail

Adding some text to your thumbnail will tell the viewer what your video is about. They’ll then be able to make their mind up as to whether it’s going to be relevant to them when they click it… and they are more likely to do so.

3. Don’t leave autoplay on

Make sure you don’t commit one of video’s cardinal sins by leaving the autoplay on. You won’t get any benefits on your bounce rate if you do this. You won’t be able to measure… and if you can’t measure, you may as well not have it.

4. Make your video easy to find

Finally, pop that video where it can be seen, not hidden away. Pole position is our recommendation.

So how do we know that all this isn’t just made-up twaddle? There are loads of stats out there and we have no idea whatsoever where half of them come from… but we still believe them.

So, here’s our stats from our website – that has a lot of video on it – over 2016…how to reduce bounce rate

21.31% which puts us in the excellent category!

If you want to lower your bounce rate, just make a video and put it on your website. If you want to lower your bounce rate and get a better result from your website then make a good video that people will watch to the end… just like this!


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