How to reply to internet trolls, haters and poor critics

How to reply to internet trolls, haters and poor critics


Internet trolls are a fact of life, and if you’ve only encountered one or two so far, then you’re doing well.

Trolls range from the slightly irritating to the downright terrifying, but it’s essential to engage with them regardless because ignoring their well-intentioned, but socially inept ramblings could have you missing an opportunity to make it in to a positive.


Trolls are actually a good thing.

Believe it or not, trolls are doing you a favor when they comment on most social platforms as it then puts your content in front of a new audience, so the way you respond may not win them over, but you may well win over others that are leaning in.

Without further ado, welcome to the five trolls you will encounter and how to deal with them blog!


1. The Violently agreeing with everything you say troll

These crafty trolls will watch your video and then release an angry comment which pretty much agrees with everything you said in the video.

Have no fear. These trolls are easy to deal with. They are just looking for someone out there to tell them how smart they are; they also don’t know how to articulate themselves properly so be kind.

Even though every part of you will be screaming “I JUST FLIPPING SAID THAT” The best thing to do is to thank them for their comment and tell them how useful it was. Even though they are trying to steal all your gory. You have to remember, they are actually on the same page as you and do not intend to troll.


2. The didn’t watch or listen troll

These are a peculiar breed. They only read a subject line, description check out the thumbnail, or watch a tiny percent of a video before leaving a comment telling you they disagree with your point in some way shape, or form even though its the exact point you are making further down the video.

If they had bothered to watch then entire thing, they would have seen this, but the didnt watch or listen troll is incredibly stupid and ugly.

Be kind, their life is tough enough as it is. Just thank them for their point of view, tell them you agree with what was said and act all dumb saying something like “I did address this from 2 mins into the video, perhaps I was not clear enough.”

Anyone who has seen your video and content and understood the point as it was, of course crystal clear, will think you are just and humble. You win, and the troll is as satisfied as Ogre after a farmyard meal.


3. The know it all troll

One of the best trolls you’ll ever come across. They’ll watch your video and then feel obliged to write a novel in the comments about their views on the matter. They’ll often go into an insane amount of detail to ensure the world knows how smart they are on the matter.

These are easy to deal with. All you need to do is agree with them (so long as you do) and say “Fantastic points”

Deep down, this will also kind of annoy them because all that effort they went through was after all, a waste of time for such a short reply.

They won’t be able to say anything back, though, because you’ve been so kind.

If you do not agree with them, feel free to challenge them, but remember not to become a troll yourself.


4. The random word soup troll

Sometimes people are so desperate to be heard, they write words, in no particular order, just words.

They usually come in at 2am on a Saturday morning. You can tell they have some point to make but what it is could be anyone’s guess. You’ll attempt to make sense of it, but it will often not be possible, so don’t waste too much energy on this troll.

To deal with them, just like the comment, they won’t feel as embarrassed the next day when they read it back and you’ll still come across well.


5. The too much time on my hand’s troll

Some people, usually those who are un-successful but want to appear successful, will go out looking for a fight. In the real world, this is known as short man syndrome.

To deal with them, give them a little pat on the head, never rise to them but let them know you read the comment and thank them for it. They want a fight, so whatever you do, don’t give them one.

Or if it gets nasty or you, unlike them, are successful and it’s clear to everyone what a d*** they are, then ignore it.

But don’t make a habit of ignoring trolls. Silence is a weapon, but most of the time, responding will makes you look professional.


Why do people Troll?

It’s the equivalent of saying things behind your back at school except the anonymous nature of the internet seems to have amplified the beast in us.

Don’t let them make it personal, use it to your advantage and remember – they are doing you favour spreading your content for you, so be nice to them.

Most of them just need a hug.

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