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Course 1: Video Strategy

How to set up your content for success. Strategy, goal setting and more






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Why invest your time here?

The biggest mistake people ever make is filming. I know, that sounds odd, right? The issue is, when people commission a video or hit record without a bigger picture as to why they’re doing it, they will never have any sort of success.

This video guide will give you a solid video marketing strategy, help you to establish your target viewer and give you actionable goals to work on that’ll help make sure you hit them.

Completing this course will:

Who is the course for?

Personal brands who want to build a following online and brands who are looking to use video marketing across their business.

If you want to grow a following, generate business, awareness, sell more products or achieve anything with video, then you have to set goals. Without these you’re destined to fail.


If you want to learn how to come up with a youtube strategy or video marketing strategy then hit play as we break down the main areas and give you a step by step system. Absolutely anyone can follow these steps to create a powerful YouTube strategy.

Here’s the strategy post with download and other content mentioned in the video:


If you want to know how to grow a YouTube channel, you need to think differently. The internet is so crowded now that large followings don’t always mean a dedicated following. Hit play to learn how to find your audience.

Knowing how to work out your target viewers for YouTube videos, business videos or social media is crucial if you want to build a following. It’s something that is often overlooked and we don’t feel there is enough content out there encouraging businesses and creators to focus on it.

So here’s our guide where we dive deep into demographics, psychographics, attitudes, values and all of the things that turn content into an experience the right viewers will feel is tailor-made for them.

This is the only way you can produce video that works in the crowded and noisy digital landscape we now live in.


If you want to know how to grow a following, you need to think differently. The internet is so crowded now that getting cut through is tough. 

Very tough. 

On top of that,  large followings don’t always mean a dedicated following. 

Hit play to learn how to build an army of fans that rave about your content and help you grow your following. 


If you’re doing this right you won’t be under the impression you’ll be an overnight sensation. This video will give you the tools to plan realistic growth so you can keep track of it, react to it if it’s slowing down and know that what you are doing is working.

Being consistent on Youtube is only way you can grow a channel.
without consistency , you won’t ever grow your channel. Hit play to learn how consistency grows YouTube channels and makes viral hits.

YouTube actually advises a system to follow when it comes to building a channel. It’s split into three parts and it will give you a system to trust. It’s relevant for any social media platform too.


Quick fire learning

These slide decks will recap and educate you fast. Click left and right on the image to move through the deck.

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