how to use Facebook live for business

How to use Facebook Live for business.

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How to use Facebook Live for business.

What can Facebook Live do?

First of all, let’s look at what Facebook Live can do:

  1. As the video is shooting, you see how many people are watching the video. You can also see names and comments. 
  2. As soon as it’s over, the video is automatically saved to your timeline.
  3. From there you can share it, tweet it, embed it into blog posts – or just delete it.

Unlike Periscope videos, they are not going to vanish after 24 hours.

All good so far then.

How to use Facebook Live for your business.

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It’s all about breaking down the barriers of communication between you and your target audience.

It’s all about going behind the scenes and letting people in. Or that’s what it’s supposed to be about anyway.

All you really want to use it for is to build trust and engage with your audience. The problem with Facebook Live is that it’s going to work brilliantly for vloggers, presenters and anybody that’s used to being on camera and presenting.

But anyone that’s not either a natural in front of the camera or very practised and rehearsed could end up doing damage to their brand. If they go live on and just say ‘hello’ and just rattle on about things that are vaguely relevant ‘blah blah blah’ – then nobody’s going to watch that, are they?


3 tips for Facebook Live for business


So, here are 3 tips to make sure that you use Facebook Live in the right way for your business.


  1. Have a point

You see the people that make the best presenters plan and they make it look easy. If you don’t do this then you’re going to look like you really don’t know what you’re talking about – at best.

At worst, you’ll look like a bit of an idiot!

So plan out who you want the target audience to be for this video and the goal you want it to achieve. That way, when you’re streaming you might have more effect.


  1. Keep it short

Short is sweet to begin. 

Plan 30 second videos that get straight to the point and give bite size chunks of information. If you do this and build it up, people will start to think that every time they watch one of your videos it’s going to have the same sort of content. They might even be ready for some longer videos once you’ve nailed this. 

And by all means, if someone asks you a question halfway through, you can answer it – but try not to go on for too long.


  1. Promote yourself

If you’re broadcasting yourself and there’s nobody actually watching then there’s not much point in broadcasting yourself, is there?

You could try to use these clips to encourage more engagement. However, what you really want to do to get the full effect of Facebook Live is to build your audience and then broadcast to them.


Why should you use Facebook Live? 

There are 4 very good reasons to use it:

  1. To show people behind the scenes of your business
  2. To give snippets of useful content which will build trust
  3. To stay front of mind
  4. To interact with your audience and provide a service


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Proceed with caution

So, as you can see, there are some clear plus points to using Facebook Live and the 3 tips above will keep you on the right track. But, it does come with a bit of a health warning.

The pro-Facebook Live camp will say that one of its big advantages is that it will dramatically reduce the time it takes to produce content. The thing is, this is where it can go wrong. 

You see there’s a big difference between producing quality content and just producing any old content. 

And bear in mind that, as great as Facebook Live could be, just remember that one slip of the tongue, radical opinion or use of colourful language could offend your audience – and end up causing more trouble for you than it’s worth.

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