How to use video to train people online



They say time travel isn’t possible…….And we’re not going to disagree. Let’s face it, Time is the only commodity we just can’t make more of or mine, which is why it’s super precious. If you’re spending lots of time training your staff, clients, franchisees or anyone really, we think video could generate you more time.

Training videos could stop you getting calls and emails asking the same questions over and over again. It might give your clients better results with your products or service. It might enable you to train all your staff virtually.

Either way recording training allows your to scale it up, locally, nationally or globally. You can even then sell it on!

Its one of the best uses of video out there. People love to learn at their own pace and it ticks the box of visual, entertaining, informative and engaging then you’re going to be able to teach people almost anything.

How to get ROI from training videos.

It’s simple. How much time is it saving you? Spending an hour a month filming could save you 100 hours a year, maybe even more. If your training videos get 5 hours of views, that’s how much time it’s potentially saved you.

As we established in part one… you can’t make more time….but now as if by magic you have.

Well done you.