The Best Live Streaming Software for businesses

OBS vs Streamlabs Vs Streamyard Vsd ECamm

Going live is no longer harder than handing in homework you copied off of Encarta 96 at school and not getting caught. 

There are many options that allow you to put on live events to closed groups of people as well as broadcast to multiple platforms at the same time. 

To help you choose the best ones, we decided to list down some of the best live streaming software for businesses.  

Here’s our rundown of the platforms you should consider checking out for your next live event, video call or stream. 

Key Features

• Free
• Stream from anywhere
• Connects to Skype
• Powerful customisation

OBS is a fantastic free live streaming software for businesses, which you can use for simple streams or super complex set ups to individual platforms. 

It lets you stream live to YouTube, Facebook, and a massive list of others too. 

You can connect it to video-calling platforms like Skype, and stream live interviews or even multi-guest webinars. 

Again, all of this can be done without spending a single penny!

OBS - The best live streaming software for businesses
The Layout of OBS:

OBS has a great layout.

Once inside, it allows you to build anything from a simple camera on-screen set up to multiple scenes with designs and overlays that boost your production to the next level.

Plus, once it’s all set up, running anything live becomes really easy. 

All you need to do is click on the scene you want to show, and you’re producing live video like a TV show.

OBS is the benchmark when it comes to live streaming software for businesses. 

Its almost unbelievable its free because there is pretty much nothing it can’t do on its own or combining it with other software when it comes to live streaming for businesses


Downsides of OBS:

• Set-Up: Although the software is simple, once inside, the initial set up is very confusing. 

There are multiple options, complex adjustments and customizations you can make, which if you’re a beginner, gets pretty hard to understand.

• Power: OBS is not for older computers as it eats up a lot of processing power.

• Requires other software: Another downside of OBS is that in order to stream on multiple platforms, you need to throw in more software. 

For instance, if you’re looking to live stream an interview on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, a the same time,  you’d need to hook up Skype to build the set and show in OBS. 

Then, you’d need to connect to other pieces of software like Restream which means more confusion than other options. 

Key Features:

  • Free version is ample
  • Simpler than OBS
  • Stream to multiple locations
  • Customization is powerful
  • On-screen animations built in
  • Dropshipping service for paid users.

For the more advanced streamers out there, Streamlabs might not be enough. But for an average business or creator who wants to start going live, this is a great entry point.

The Layout of Streamlabs: 
Streamlabs OBS - The best live streaming software for businesses
OBS vs Streamlabs: Layout similarities

Streamlabs has a layout similar to that of OBS. 

It assists you in branding your content through graphics and overlays, allows you to dial in guests from Skype, and you can stream to several platforms of your choice at once. 

OBS vs Streamlabs: Layout differences

Streamlabs is different from OBS in that it also allows you to receive tips, put an animated jar on the screen and add sponsored banners. 

You can also view counts, set up donation goals, and it lets you use a host of other animations that might increase engagement on your streams.

Paid Streamlabs Features: Is it worth upgrading?

Streamlabs enables you to stream to multiple platforms at once easily if you upgrade to the prime membership for 149 dollars a year

There are also more premium membership features you will gain access to. These will make your streams more look more interesting and professional. 

There’s also an app, and you get a website builder for your stream so you can promote it with a landing page. 

For me, the thing that makes it one of the most unique live streaming software options is the merchandise store the platform offers. 

If you get the prime membership you get access to a dropshipping store. You can then design T-shirts and merch, sell it to your viewers mid stream and they will make it and ship it for you. 

Pretty cool right?

The downside of Streamlabs OBS:
  • It is too basic for advanced streamers out there.
  • Some of its best features are not free

Key Features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Customizations
  • Overlays.
  • Pop-up chat boxes.
  • Stream Anywhere.
  • A 2 Week Free Trial.

The next streaming software you need to check out is Ecamm. 

To start off, Ecamm is only for Mac users (PC users may close their eyes now), and it has a two-week free trial you can enjoy before making the actual purchase. 

After the trial ends, it’ll cost you 20 dollars a month or 40 if you want to stream in 4k, and add virtual webcams, easy interviews and more. 

ECAMM - The best live streaming software for businesses

The Layout of Ecamm: Ecamm vs OBS: Similarities

Ecamm made our list of one of the best live streaming software options because of the ease with which you can set up live streams. 

You can dial in guests and share screens and videos, but the control process is more fluid than the other software mentioned on this list. 

You can also add up to 5 guests with Skype or interview mode, add overlays, play pre-recorded videos, and much, much more.

Ecamm vs OBS: What sets Ecamm apart?

Ecamm is easier to use than the other software in our list. 

Plus, you can add these very cool chat pop-up boxes to your videos. 

For instance, if someone messages you on Facebook, you can click on it, display it, and everyone will be able to see it. 

You can also use iGlasses to tweak your image set up and overall look.

Downsides of Ecamm:
  • It is a Mac-only tool.
  • Ecamm requires Restream in order to stream to multiple platforms, but then you can display comments from over 20 different platforms!
  • Ecamm has no free option after the 2-week trial is over.
Key Features:
  • Compatible with older PCs
  • Direct dial-ins for interviews
  • Overlays
  • Stream to 3 or 8 destinations

Streamyard is another handy live streaming software that comes with both a free and a paid version. 

The whole thing being browser-based means that you need very little power and don’t need to upgrade your computer before using it.

STREAMYARD- The best live streaming software for businesses

The Layout of Streamyard:

Streamyard has an easy user-interface, and with streamyard, you are saved from the hassle of dialling in to interviews via Skype like you are on OBS.  

Using Streamyard, you can send a direct link to join in a live, which people can follow to enter the system and appear in your stream. 

Plus, you can have up to 10 people on screen at once! 

This can then be streamed to all of the major platforms at once. 

However, you’re left with a watermark on the free version.

Streamyard vs OBS and other software: Paid features that set Streamyard apart

Step up to the paid version of Streamyard, and you can get 10 people on screen to interview at once. 

You can start adding overlays and streams to 3 different destinations for 20 dollars a month

But if you want to go nuts, you can stream to 8 destinations and 1080p for 39 dollars a month.

Similar to Ecamm, the paid version of Streamyard lets you display chat boxes from all of the destinations you’re streaming to. 

Downsides of Streamyard:
  • The free version has a watermark if you stream to multiple platforms.
  • Add-ons, overlays and a few excellent features come with the paid version.


OBS – Gives you tons of freedom with the set-up and allows you to do pretty much anything, from amazing set designs to adding videos, guests and customizations. 

But you might need multiple pieces of software and a lot of patience if you want to use it to its finest.

Streamlabs OBS – Streamlabs OBS has fun animations, but they work more for the creators than for the businesses. 

Saying that, paying to stream to multiple platforms makes it easy keeping everything under the same roof. 

Plus, the fact that it enables you to monetize your stream is awesome for individual streamers.

Ecamm- For businesses using Macs, Ecamm is an awesome tool, and the add on of comments is an excellent feature. 

You can do this with others too, but that requires third-party software.

Streamlabs- For those who want to make life super-easy when it comes to multiple platforms and multiple guests, Streamlabs is perfect!

It would be wrong to end without talking about Restream when we have already mentioned it a couple of times in the blog post.

Restream is a tool you’ll need for Ecamm and OBS to stream to multiple platforms at the same time, and with just the free versions, you can stream to 30 different platforms at once. 

It’s simple to use and quick to set up. You just need to add a stream key to your software, which their video tutorials will show you how to do. 


This marks the end of our handy list of the best live streaming software available for business. 

Just think about your needs and requirements, and you’ll be able to choose the one perfect for you.  Need more help? 

Check out this video about how to set up a professional live stream. 

Go read the rest of our blog for video marketing tips, video making tools and other helpful video-related information! 

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For us it has to be ECamm, especially after their recent updates. It’s easy to use, powerful and the customisation and interview modes are outstanding. 

Streamyard is easy to use, browser based, gives you the ability to interview people all around the world easily and has all the customisation most will need

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