Are you a lurking superstar?

Are you a superstar lurker?

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We thought we’d go niche this week which is why we made this for you, the 99.4% of all LinkedIn users.

You see, only 0.6% of the active users on LinkedIn post anything weekly, and that’s a big problem.

It’s a problem because there has never been a more competitive time to get attention online and only a tiny fraction of people are bothering even to try!!

It’s madness! But why? Why are people and businesses not posting?

Especially when you’ve probably sat there on more than one occasion and thought to yourself “ I can do better than that” and then gone back to not doing better than that…

Well, we believe it might be because you’re are afraid to be heard, or you don’t think your expertise is valid, or you’re just too lazy.

What if they don’t like me, what if I offend someone, what if someone comments and disagrees?

These are all valid points (bar being lazy) and if the year was 2004 and social media was new, but wake up!

This form of promotion has been around for ages now, if you’re still struggling to post even a short update online, then how have you managed to leave the house, or build a business or function?

It sounds harsh, but the moment you look at putting yourself out there to promote your business as is the modern day norm, the sooner you’ll get to grips with the fact that it doesn’t make you a freak or a weirdo.

Posting makes you part of the community, it’s normal.

Sitting by, watching and hiding behind a wall of comments and interaction without making a peep in the real world, is known as lurking. That’s the weird thing to do.

There are potentially millions of business superstars out there who’s unique contribution will never get heard, which means fewer opinions, less innovation and all we’re left with is the same annoying people hogging the platform.

People like us.

As SMEs, we can’t let our insecurities get in the way of progression, because putting it simply, its dangerous to not be part of the biggest communication movement ever.

To fit in with our ‘do things different campaign’, we dare you, Mr or Mrs “I can do” better, to drown us out of your news feed.

You only need to change one letter to turn your “lurking” into “wurking” (It’s close enough to make the point)

Take a quote from a testimonial you’ve been given and post it online or take a photo of your team and introduce them to your business pages or make a short video giving people 3 things of quality advice.

Or if you’re looking to cause a stir, drop a big fat opinion, put the world to rights. Slap your values and vision around the face of everyone you’ve ever connected with so they know what you stand for.

Maybe baby steps first though.

Because the 0.6% of people who do post to LinkedIn or other platforms are the only ones who’ll ever have their say.

There are loads of lurking potential business superstars out there and we think its a crime not to hear their voice.

If you’d like some ideas on what to make, we’ve made a blog with 30 of the best business video ideas, check it out in the link below.

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