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How to Make Personalised Sales Videos: An Actionable Guide using Soapbox by Wistia

People prefer personalised offers unless it’s used gym socks, in which case they probably want to keep their weird habits to themselves and buy anonymously online. But for everything else, you’re golden.

That is why we’ve made this post to help you learn how to make personalised sales videos using a tried and tested tool “Soapbox by Wistia”. In this post, you will learn how to set up Wistia for the first time, how to record, add your video in your email and use its various perks to give life to your otherwise boring video sales pitch. So, what are you waiting for? Read this post!

What is Personalised Video?

A personalised video is one that is used for introductions and pitching; it looks like it’s authentic and made up on the spot. It can be, but often, it’s not. These videos, which are specifically for an individual viewer, are designed to make them feel special, and as far as our experience goes, that’s exactly what they do!

How important is Personalised Video Content?

Before telling you how to make a personalised video sales pitch that will attract clients like a bee towards a flower, let’s establish why personalised video content is so important.

In a sea of mass automation in the marketing space, it can be really tough to stand out as an individual salesperson. But the good news is, it’s not just a profitable offer people are after but a personalised one. 

According to a survey by the Aberdeen Group, 75% of people prefer personalised offers.

And what could be more personalised than a video made just for a single person!

The benefits don’t stop there. If you’re looking for how to make a video introduction, listen to us and make a personalised one. 

Because in one survey, Vidyard found that using this kind of video as a first touchpoint had a 216 per cent higher response rate

Also, that the personalised video gets watched by more than just the person they’re intended for –  they were sending them around to other people in the decision-making team.

Thus, personalised video sales pitches are not only a perfect first impression on your client but also make the decision-making process of your clients much more convenient.

How to Make a Personalised Sales Video Using Soapbox by Wistia

Many tools in the market can help you make a personalised video. But it’s time to introduce you to our special weapon in the arsenal: Soapbox by Wistia.

What sets Wistia Soapbox apart?

Unlike other tools, Soapbox has a free option that can do pretty much everything you need. It uses your webcam and built-in mic, and then once recorded, you can edit it all online without the need for fancy software.

Not only that, but it also has some fancy features for embedding in your email, and make a slick experience for your prospect or client.

Hopefully, you’re eager by now and thinking, “It sounds great, guys. Show us how to use it!”

And, you know, we’re going to. Just calm down.

Deep breath, and read on.

Requirements to use Soapbox by Wistia

Here a few things you need to set up before going to the actual process of making a killer personalised video sales pitch that is going to excite your prospects:

Setting up Soapbox for the First Time

Once you’ve gathered everything listed above, it’s time to set up soapbox.

Signing in: Sign-in via the Soapbox icon at the top of Chrome window. It should fire up and show a little box with your webcam view automatically. If it doesn’t, hit the tiny gear icon on the top left, and set up your audio and camera feed.

how to sign in to soapbox

Best footage settings: Before you start recording, we’re going to suggest some Wistia Soapbox settings for the best output footage. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Right-click on the Chrome icon.
  • Go to options.
How to access settings in soapbox


  • In there, hit advanced settings.
  • Change all the screen capture and webcam capture settings to the maximum (if there’s any problem, you can always dial it down later)
  • Also, check the box “enable streaming uploads” under” Extension Beta Features”.
  • Scroll up and check both “Applications” and “Tabs” boxes under “Desktop Media Options” to enable them both.
How to edit settings in Sopabox
  • Extra setup for Mac: If you’re on Mac and using Soapbox by Wistia, you might see the recording start, but then nothing will happen which will leave you confused. To fix this, you need to go in and change your privacy settings to allow Chrome to do screen recordings. This can default to off due to privacy settings in IOS for Catalina and above.

How to change advanced settings in Soapbox 2

Pre-Recording Set Up for your Personalised Sales Video

A couple of things to think about with your set up before hitting the record button:

  • Get yourself a quiet, de-cluttered space-ideally with some depth or one with a block of coloured paper or wall.
  • On-screen, it’s a good practice to just have the application or tab that is relevant.

It’s Time to Start Recording!

It’s a piece of cake to record on Wistia Soapbox.

Just hit “START RECORDING” and select the screen or application you want. Expand it to full screen to keep out any clutter, and you’ll hear the countdown.

Look at your Soapbox icon. If it’s red, it’s recording.

Present away!

When you have finished, hit the red dot again and Soapbox will automatically render your video.   

How to record in Soapbox

Edit Screen of Soapbox by Wistia

This is the first of the three screens you get after your video gets rendered. 

Here, you can edit your video, trim the ends to get rid of useless dead air from before you started, and use the icons to decide between being just you, you and the screen or just the screen. You have the option to change it throughout the video as you please

How to edit in Soapbox

Customize Screen of Soapbox by Wistia

Once you’ve edited your personalised sales video to your satisfaction, move on to the next screen named “customize”.

Here, you should change the title to something that will look good in your email-something along the lines of ‘Hi Barbara!’ or ‘Here’s the proposal we talked about’. Next, drop down to choose a frame and select the one you want to use from your video. This will preview in your email, so make sure it looks friendly.

How to add a call to action to Soapbox

You can brand your frame to your business or channel colour and then-and this is pretty nifty-you can click on “call to action” below it and make a text call to action like ‘click here to email me’. Then, put in your email address with “mailto:” in front of it in the box labelled “Link”.

Your task in this window is done

How to add a call to action to Soapbox 2

Share Screen of Soapbox by Wistia

After you’re done customizing your personalised video and email, it’s time to send them off to do their work. For that, move to “share” and hit the first option “Copy URL and thumbnail image”.

How to embed a soapbox video in an e-mail

Go over to your email and paste it in for Barbara. Voila-how good does that look

And now, when Barbara has finished being wowed by your video, she can click the link you embedded before and email you instantly!

How to embed a soapbox video in an e-mail 2

Now You Know How to Make a Personalised Sales Video!

We think that Soapbox by Wistia is a really simple and effective tool that saves time which you would spend otherwise learning how to make a personalised video for a successful sales pitch. Whenever we have used it, we’ve always gotten a response, because people enjoy that you created something just for them.

Go ahead and give it a try-in case the Chrome extension isn’t working and you’re on Mac, do remember to check your privacy settings. It’s usually that.

If you have found that helpful, why not check out our blog or our YouTube channel where we post three videos a week to help you grow your small creators’ channel and your business.

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