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3D Animation

Bespoke animation quoted on a project by project basis

Product Videos

Mixed live action and animation

NFT trailers

What's included?

How does it work?

#1 Brief
Whatever you need to achieve you’ll need to provide us with a brief, a storyboard and your brand guide because with animation, every single thing in the frame is by design. We will also need an OBJ from your CAD design or from any other program where the rig is held.

#2 Pre-production
We take this brief and storyboard and we will give you a confirmation that the animation rig and elements are all ready to be animated. 

#3 Edit
From here, the magic starts. We will mix up all the elements you’ve given us plus our creative input will come together to create your 3D animated video. 

#4 Revisions
We send to you for review and approval via our specialist video hosting solution where you can add comments during the final stages of production.

#5 Repurpose
On request only, we turn your video into multiple short versions that are perfect for social media, re-marketing and paid ads.

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