Bullet Time: Editing add-on

Editing only add-on package

Add on additional editing to another package or get a single or batch edit for filming you’ve done.

£ 380 + VAT

What's included?

What sort of videos can you edit?

How does it work?

#1 Purchase
The rate is per video so buy the number of addtional videos you need.

This package is only for adding to the Oracle or Neo package.

For stand alone editing help for Youtube or business content email Dave
on: [email protected]

#2 Complete the form
Add the title(s) and a sentence or two of direction to guide your editor eg) ‘This is a 1 to 2 min explainer about our software.

Please give it some energy and brand it the same as the others’

#3 We edit
You’ll hear back from us within 7 days with a rough cut. You’ll be able to give feedback or request changes through out unique platform

#4 Delivery
As soon as you are happy with the content, we’ll send you a download Link.

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