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Purple Pill Payment Plan

Most Popular: Most Popular: £ 830 / month

You’ll get a 20% discount on any account funds you use when checking out.
Enter your own monthly payment based on your budget and it will accumulate as account funds ready to use (you can change the monthly amount to suit your budget)

Stay in control with no contract. Start or stop anytime and always know your available funds inside your account

Simply use your account funds on checkout whenever you’re ready. Recommended monthly payment = your annual video budget divided by 12 months.

BFB Purple Pill Payment Plan terms in plain english

Please read the advance payment plan terms. If you have any questions just give us a call on 01442 573 227 or e-mail dave@businessfilmbooth.com



Any advance payments you make for a service will give you 20% off that service to the amount of credit on file. Your account will show the account funds available to take advantage of this at any time. 


By paying in advance for a service, you have not signed up to a long term contract. But it’s assumed you are planning on using our production services to produce content on a regular basis. 


This allows us to hire more full timers rather than using contractors when too many services are booked at the last minute than we can handle without outsourcing.

You will also have full control of starting and stopping any payments. So at any given time, you can stop payments and use up your account funds. You can use any account funds on file plus a balance payment to book a service but you will only get a 20% discount on funds that are already on your account.

Video rights

 You will have a non-exclusive license to use your content. If you’re not a smarty-pants lawyer, this means you can still use it as you see fit. Often, we will use your content with your permission to promote our services. eg) ‘Here’s how an innovative IT company has changed their sales process using video.’

Most importantly, you can download and use your clips in any way, shape, or form.  All of the IP is owned by you but with permission for us to also use it in ways that are still sensitive to your brand as explained above.


Sensitive training information or video that is clearly for internal eyes only will never be shared. 

We will never share anything you ask us not to. 



 We will have your videos edited 7 – 14 working days after filming, depending entirely on the volume and complexity of your production. A 3D animation will take longer than a talking head video. You will have regular updates on progress from your dedicated editor. 

When it comes to making changes to your videos, we ask for no more than three rounds of changes, after that there may be a negotiated editing cost. Having said that, we aim to be intuitive with your branding and tone. 95% of the time, we make videos that are ready to go immediately or after a first round.


Account funds use

 Your account funds will be available indefinitely. While we cannot make you use them up, we reserve the right to increase our rates for services at any time. 

Moving filming dates

 Sometimes life throws a curveball so if you’ve booked your filming date, and a ball smacks your business in the face meaning you need to move it, then no problem so long as it is 72 hours before the filming starts. 

Just between us

You can always add credit at the time of booking and still get 20% off. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. But the payment plan is really there to give you better cash flow for fixed cost work that you are planning to do as part of your marketing plan. It’s not a retainer and it’s not a financial service.

If you’re happy with the terms and ready to take advantage of this discount, then enter a monthly amount that works for your goals and let’s get started.

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