"Thank you so much! This looks amazing, totally blew me away with the creativity from just a talking head shot."

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Online Training

Use our Booth Camp system to build your own content factory. Made for marketing teams.

This is not just a course. INCLUDES support for troubleshooting. 

£ 95

Studio Build course AND technical support*

Build your own business studio at Booth Camp. All the kit recommendations and video based tutorials to build your very own Booth. A community of professionals on hand to give technical support for up to 12 months from purchase.

Includes 20 mins of video call time for any technical problems if needed.

*Support based on our recommendations only​

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Buy from the Kit List Below

"Great training session! I would recommend Business Film Booth to any business wanting to make videos which are more engaging and doing them in a time efficient manner."

What's included?

What sort of videos can my studio make?

What does DIY look like?

How does it work?

#1 Add to cart, create account and complete the booking.

#2 Get the link from your email. Watch and learn from the course, choose your kit

#3 Get the kit. Buy our recommended kit in total or mix and match with your own kit (at your own risk). From scratch expect to spend £1000 to £1500 directly through Amazon, depending on your load out

#4 Start making your own levelled up professional videos

#5 Get ongoing technical and presenting support for a full year 

Buy from the Kit List Below

See our recommended Kit List and get the equipment that suits your needs. Camera, lights, audio!
It's all on the breakdown

1. The recommended kit list

We can’t advise on equipment you have but you’re welcome to mix and match. Watch the video to understand the overview.

Best settings to lock in

We’ve created a set up that gives you the best of both worlds: Cinema quality without the faff. Set and forget.

*** You will need to buy this course to see the set up and setting videos

Manual is best

For some situaltions, the set and forget options won’t quite be enough to get the best image. There is a really simple method to understanding the principals of manual settings. In this video we’ve created a way to understand and apply them quickly without all the jargon. 

Plus it’ll give you confidence to trouble shoot when things aren’t working. 

*** You will need to buy this course to see the set up and setting videos

3. Audio

Honestly, we could have perhaps not made a video for this because the Rode Wireless Go that we recommend is so flipping simple to use. But there’s some good tips in here so watch it anyway.

*** You will need to buy this course to see the set up and setting videos

5. Lights & set up

It’s true that your audience will tolerate almost any content that has good audio and answers the burning questions they have about your world. But, let’s be honest, you’re not going to be happy with something that doesn’t look as good as your website or your other marketing assets. 

Lighting makes all the difference and not only can it elevate your video, you can use colour to brand it.

*** You will need to buy this course to see the set up and setting videos

Get funky with Green Screen

This isn’t for everybody but it’s a great option to have for really punchy comms where you’ve got your exact Hex code as your background or a (we can make you) a 3D branded office for a background that is matched to your perspective!

*** You will need to buy this course to see the set up and setting videos

Basics of editing

You can’t learn how to master video editing in one video (or even 10) but you can understand what’s important and what’s not. Here’s Greg showing you behind the scenes of a master editor.

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