"Thank you so much! This looks amazing, totally blew me away with the creativity from just a talking head shot."

Unlock ‘The Code’

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Studio Build course AND technical support*

Build your own business studio at Booth Camp. All the kit recommendations and video based tutorials to build your very own Booth. A community of professionals on hand to give technical support

*Support based on our recommendations only​

What's included?

What sort of videos can my studio make?

How does it work?

#1 Sign up to Booth Camp 

#2 Watch and learn from the course, choose your kit

#3 Get the kit. Buy our recommended kit in total or mix and match with your own kit (at your own risk). From scratch expect to spend £1000 to £1500 directly through Amazon, depending on your load out

#4 Start making your own levelled up professional videos

#5 Stay to learn about strategy, scripting, presenting, editing and distribution for business

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