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Morpheus: We train you

Single day training package

Learn to present or write a script or build your own studio. Tailored to suit whatever stage you’re at. In our studio in Hertfordshire or on location with you.

£ 975 + VAT

What does DIY look like?*

How does it work?

#1 Brief
Let us know which areas you want to improve on or learn and send us any examples of videos or screenshots from work you’ve done.

#2 Filming kit
If you’re building your own studio, we’ll check it out and come back to you with what you need.

#3 Train
Training can be conducted on location or remote. We’ll recommend which will work best for your solution.

#4 Go show off
Armed with your new video skills its time to go show off.

#5 Need editing?
Instead of ediing yourself, why not get us to do the tricky bit? Check out the Bullet Time package or click on ‘Add editing’ below

What's included?

What sort of videos can training help with?

Buy from the Kit List

See our recommended Kit List and get the equipment that suits your needs. Camera, lights, audio!
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