Morpheus: We train you

Single day training package

Learn to present or write a script or build your own studio. Tailored to suit whatever stage you’re at. In our studio in Hertfordshire or on location with you.

£ 710 + VAT

What's included?

What sort of videos can training help with?

How does it work?

#1 Brief
Let us know which areas you want to improve on or learn and send us any examples of videos or screenshots from work you’ve done.

#2 Filming kit
If you’re building your own studio, we’ll check it out and come back to you with what you need.

#3 Train
Training can be conducted on location or remote. We’ll recommend which will work best for your solution.

#4 Go show off
Armed with your new video skills its time to go show off.

#5 Repurpose
On request only, we turn your video into multiple short versions that are perfect for social media, re-marketing and paid ads.

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