Get started with Selfie Booth

Sign up below and unleash your video potential 

Get started with Selfie Booth

Sign up below and unleash your video potential 

Membership £25+vat pcm 

Selfie Booth membership gives you access to:

📹 Hourly studio rental rates at £25+vat per hour 

📹 Online training videos and planners

📹 Discounts on limited training and other video products before anyone else

Please note there is a £25+vat sign up fee when becoming a member which will be taken on sign up.

Terms & Conditions

1. Selfie Booth is an unmanned studio.

This means you’ll be using the kit to make your own DIY video. There will not be anyone present to help you unless you hire one of our camera people. We’ve created loads of planners, videos and checklists which are all available in the Selfie Booth Club online after sign up.

2. After filming charging

You will be required to place the equipment back on charge for the next video legend. We have batteries but these of course run down and not leaving them to regain power could seriously impact the next session.  

3.Filming clients

If you want to use the studio to film clients or people from outside your business other than for testimonials, then this is not covered under membership. We would like Selfie Booth to remain affordable for as many as we can manage fairly – upselling would be in conflict with this outcome. Please contact us for a commercial studio hire day rate if you want to use it as a production facility.

4.Respect the studio

Please treat the studio as your own, if anything breaks do let us know. Following the training videos we provided will ensure things stay in one piece.

Please note anything deemed broken by negligence will need replacing and will be invoiced to the membership owner. The equipment is pretty robust though, you’d have to be a gorilla to break most things.

5. Membership Pricing and duration

There is a joining fee of £25+vat (£30) *

Each hour the studio is rented is £25+vat (£30) *

The monthly membership is £25+vat (£30) *

* Lower rates apply for Super Booth members

You may cancel your membership at any time, there are no membership cancelation fees.

Keep in mind each time you restart your membership there is a £25 fee + vat (£30).


6. Canceling and rescheduling booked sessions.


Reschedule charges

You may reschedule up to 2 days before filming for no charge

No rescheduling less than 2 days before the booking.

Cancelation of booked studio time

You may cancel up to 3 days before the booking for no charge

Less than 3 days before the booking, cancelation fee is 100%

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