How to stand out and be memorable using video


If you’re the only business doing what you’re doing in the world then this might not be an issue for you.  Otherwise like the rest of us you’ve got competition and lots of it. It might not be direct competition, you might be fighting for a chunk of your prospect’s budget but haven’t chosen the sector they want to work with yet.

Either way, if you’re not standing out online and trying to be memorable then there’s a strong chance you’re not getting noticed enough, if at all. So how do you use video to be memorable? Well, it’s all down to people, personality, creativity and thinking outside the box. Imagine if visitors to your website were met by a member of the team being helpful every where they went. That’s not going to go unnoticed.

Imagine all the personal service you give being a small business but suddenly doing that digitally and with endless scale. That’s not possible in a world where you can only deal with one client at a time.

It works for promo, vlogs, newsletters, pitches, social media, on boarding, training to name a few.

How you can be memorable online using video

Well firstly check out how people use your website with your Google analytics. What pages are the most visited?   

Your top three most visited pages are likely to be your homepage, your best selling service or product and maybe you’re about but it is different for everyone and it’s important you check it out. 

Your top three most visited pages of your website are great places to start putting video. If there are eyeballs already there then having them meet your team and sharing your expertise and being helpful is only going to do one thing. Just in case you’re wondering…its a good thing.