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Testimonial video production without leaving the office.

Booking clients to appear in a testimonial video is hard even when there’s not a virus trying to kill us all. So we came up with a solution.

testimonial video phone

Telephone Testimonial videos

Easy to make, fast and effective

Right now producing testimonial videos is next to impossible for obvious reasons. But this doesn’t mean you can’t. 

We call your clients, record the audio and turn it in to powerful video testimonials that work great on websites, social media and well, anywhere. 

Clients are also far more likely to agree to be recorded over the phone than they are filmed, meaning you can turn the best of your client experiences in to slick sales and marketing tools. 

How Telephone Testimonial Video Works

As testimonial video experts, we’ve worked in every condition going. Submit your brief and leave the rest to us. 

#1 Brief

Testimonial videos are one of the easiest videos to make. We start with a chat about your client and together devise a list of the things you need the content to get across. 

Testimonial video questions

#2 Questions

We take this brief and make open ended questions that bring out natural and detailed answers from your client. 

testimonial video filming

#3 We call your clients

We call your clients for ten minutes, record their story and then edit it in to visual testimonial content. 

Online video editing

#4 Edit

We turn the call in to short and sweet testimonial videos that’ll jump off a webpage or social media timeline. 

Telephone testimonial videos include

#1 Dedicated Producer

Your producer/director will take care of all of the questions, the concept and work with your clients on the day to keep them relaxed and confident with their answers. 

#2 Fast Turnaround

Maximum 7 working day turnaround  (we don’t rush your work). If it’s really urgent, we’ll do our best to get it done even faster but we won’t sacrifice quality. 

#3 Revisions

Every edit can have up to three sets of revisions. We’re professionals, so there’s not usually more than one needed. 

#4 Royalty Free Music

We use high quality, royalty free music for your videos that’ll uplift, inspire and motivate viewers.

#5 Stock Video

We have access to over 800,000 stock video clips that’ll help us tell your clients story. 

#6 Expert Consultation

Apart from booking in the filming day with your client, we really do take care of everything else. 

#7 Re-purpose

We can take the content from the call and package it in to multiple different versions depending on your strategy and distribution for maximum effect. 

#8 National coverage

We’re based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire but we can produce telephone testimonials anywhere in the world that has the internet. 

#9 Feedback platform

Our specialist video host ensures feedback is fast, easy and always trackable. 

Telephone testimonials about us, from our  clients

Testimonial video examples

Marketing Labs

Zoom testimonial

Marketing Labs have one of those things that no one believes when they say it: Amazing customer service. But having a customer explain it, makes it believable.

In fact better than that, it makes it feel inevitable.

Intact IQ

ERP Software

This telephone testimonial was part of a series of videos. Intact wanted short videos for social media which told their clients stories over a range of videos rather than just one. 

We produced it as a square for them as this shape takes up 79% more screen space and is very effective on mobile phone. 

Blackbird Communication

PR Testimonial

If you wanted to produce 3 client testimonials in the past it would be 3 days of filming. For Blackbird we recorded their clients calls in an afternoon meaning a few days later they had a significant amount of credibility building content ready and waiting. 

What can testimonial videos do for your business?

Why not check out a case study of how we helped Insinkerator, based in Watford Hertfordshire, to produce 10 testimonial videos from one day’s filming 

1 Telephone Testimonial

  • 1 Telephone testimonial
  • Up to 7 working day turnaround
  • Stock video, music and images
  • Includes social media square edit
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Branded to your business

3 Pack

  • 3 Telephone testimonials
  • Up to 7 working day turnaround
  • Stock video, music and images
  • Questions and concept developed
  • Video cut in to short social media squares
  • Branded to your business

5 Pack

  • 5 Telephone testimonials
  • Up to 7 working day turnaround
  • Stock video, music and images
  • Questions and concept developed
  • Video cut in to short social media squares
  • Branded to your business
Best Value

Still have some Questions?

We’d recommend sticking to the 2 minute mark for this form of communication.

The maximum on this package is 3 minutes. 

We sure can, and we recommend this to every client. 

Every testimonial video you make can be turned in to a square or a portrait version. 

We’re very careful with branding, we like to ensure all of your fits in with the rest of your communication. 

We’ll always aim to finish a project before we start a new one, usually revisions are handled on the same day.

If you can get back to us on the same day you are sent the video it is more likely to be done there and then. If it takes a few weeks you could fall down the queue.

We can and we’ve tried. But really, how would you feel if a random person from a production company called you and asked to be in a video?

This needs to come from you along with booking the filming date. We can handle the rest and take it from there. 

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