Ten steps to make great business video the internet won’t teach you


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  1. Don’t waste time – The golden corporate video rule

Don’t waste your audience’s time! This is the most important tip we can ever give you. Just get straight to the point with your business video! If you’re making a ‘How to…’ video, just tell them ‘how to…’ Don’t tell people anything else. If they had wanted to know something else then they wouldn’t have typed in the words ‘how to’ in the first place, now would they?! They are looking for instructions. No more. No less. The same applies to promotional or service videos. So, just get straight to the point and stick to it!


  1. Don’t dwell on logos 

We see it all too often in business video.Don’t let the logo of your company take up the first 10 seconds of your video – no matter how fabulous it is. You might have the most fantastically fabulous logo ever created in the history of mankind. Even so, you still need to get it out of the way as soon as possible. A half second flash, maybe. ONE second, absolute tops. And think… if your logo is on your website already, you don’t even need it to be in your video at all.


  1. Be rude in business video!

Our favourite one! Seriously though, think of it like a conversation you join in half way through and it’s full of really useful information. You start learning from the offset, don’t you? That’s why you don’t need to say your name. You don’t need to say ‘Hello’ and you don’t need to say ‘Welcome.’ Just forget the pleasantries, butt in and get straight to the all-important point. (See #1 above). If you really, really want to let people know your name, just put it in some text at the bottom of the screen!


  1. Simplify

Business video is all about keeping it simple. Assume your audience knows absolutely nothing about your industry and drop the jargon. Those that do know a bit about your industry won’t be offended or look down your nose at you because you’re not using it. They’ll just think you’re being clear and concise. Which you are. If you think you’re being a bit wordy. You probably are.


  1. Don’t read a script

Video isn’t a talking book! It is your chance to allow people to meet you and hopefully to like you. By all means plan and have a script, but if you’re talking to the camera, you’ve got to present.  Click here for tips on presenting to camera Reading to a camera will make you look wooden and being wooden is the enemy of a good corporate video. A script puts boundaries on yourself and stops you being yourself. So do away with the script…


  1. Break your video down

People often panic and say, ‘How am I going to talk on camera for so long?! ‘ Well, you’re not. All you need to do is ensure that any scripted parts that you do deliver to camera are really short. Then use cuts in the edit to jump between the points.  This is great for two reasons: 1. It keeps the energy of the video quite high and 2. You won’t have to remember an enormous amount of scripting! It will also hold the viewers attention, and thats key for great business video. 


  1. Get creative

If you’re no Steven Spielberg and you’ve not got the cinematic skills or the budget to create cinematic business video, don’t despair.  Just keep it simple and use metaphors, props and humour to keep your audience engaged.


  1. Don’t try to convert viewers straight away

We’ll let you into a little secret. If you’re making one business video and you’re hoping or expecting that by the end of it people are going to buy something from you, you’ll fail. Instead, the aim should be to make content that is useful to people. The viral video people dream of is often a result of a huge marketing and distribution budget i’m afraid. Provide value to your viewers, create content that is informative and actionable so they can go away and practice what they have just learnt. That way you’ll stay relevant to them and they’ll want to find out more about your business and your services because you’re useful.


  1. Team work

Team up with someone. They’ll be able to film you, direct and make sure what you are saying is short, to the point and professional.  They can also make the cups of tea. That just leaves you to concentrate on presenting!


  1. Calls to action

Make the call to action obvious but don’t overdo it. You don’t need to scream ‘CLICK THE LINK NOW!’ into the camera. That will turn your audience off, ever so slightly. Instead, just put a link at the end of the video. Then it’s right there in front of them. If they’re interested, they’ll click on it! And there you have it – our top ten tips for making great business video.  

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