Testimonial video examples

BNI UK & Ireland

Networking Results Testimonial

This testimonial video tells the story of BNI member Susanne. The members of her group helped to save her entire business. A very powerful story. 



Totality Services

IT Support Company Testimonial

This testimonial gives viewers insights in to what it’s like to work with Totality and provides proof of knowledge, service and more.   


Strata Sales

Product Testimonial

This testimonial video tells the story of the impact a product had on the health and wellbeing of the people who used it. Anyone can say a product delivers a result, when you show it the results are so much more powerful. 



ERP Software solutions Testimonial

We’ve produced over 15 testimonials for Intact, this is just one. They have an incredible client retention rate of 99% and when you visit their site and see all of their testimonials, you can believe it. 



Paint Testimonial

You know a product is amazing when you interview a participant and they can’t stop praising it. Even when the interview has finished. This video proves everything Unova claim about their product is true and then some. 



Stone provider

Kinorigo provide products to architects who then pass it on to their client. This testimonial is proof to architects that they’re not going to provide the end users with anything other than quality as well as letting viewers know the supply chain is to be trusted. 


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