Testimonial video examples


Software Explainer

The sale of a software product can be a long-winded process, but the media assets are needed immediately. When venture capital specialists Bregal Milestone approached us, we had only a week’s lead time and an expected turnaround of two weeks after filming in the Netherlands was complete. This video helped potential buyers of the Anywhere365 product to understand where it sits in the market and why it has so much potenital. 

Saltus Wealth Management

Business leader profile

When you’re considering entrusting your money to a wealth management service, you’re going to want to know about the people behind the business. Most importantly, you going to want to know about the leader who has set the tone of the mission. Our Q&A format used within the Oracle package allows us to tease out the things that make a compelling story.


Survey request video

Getting people to complete a survey, especially a big customer is vital for improving a service. But how do you get anyone to engage it? Make a video that is fun and that also gets across why it’s vital. Fill it with personality and honesty and then set yourself a survey engagement target.


GIB Asset Management

Fund explainer

GIB’s marketing team understood that potential investors wanted to see and hear from the experts that are behind each fund. This is one of the Q&A format video produced to help on their landing pages and in their social media posts.

Totality Services

IT Support Company Testimonial

This testimonial gives viewers insights in to what it’s like to work with Totality and provides proof of knowledge, service and more.   

Strata Sales

Product Testimonial

This testimonial video tells the story of the impact a product had on the health and wellbeing of the people who used it. Anyone can say a product delivers a result, when you show it the results are so much more powerful. 

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