The top three business video crimes

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The Top 3 Business Video Crimes… and how to overcome them 


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Business Video Crimes

A year ago the top business video crime was simply filming on your phone in portrait rather than landscape. But times have moved on. In fact, business people have gone on to commit a whole slew of new and heinous video crimes. That’s okay though – as long as you’re trying something different, experimenting with new things and learning from your marketing, you’re fine by us.


Get Britain Fit for Business Video

We want to continue our mission to Get Britain Fit for Business Video, otherwise known as (the snappily named) GBFBV(Okay, we admit that needs some work).

But in order for us to do that, you’ve got to bear this one thing in mind… 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand if it publishes a poor quality video.

And poor quality video doesn’t just mean having low production values, it means poor content too. Which brings us on to our top 3 video crimes…




Top Video Crimes – Crime #1 – Because video?

This is the unanswerable question: You’ve made a video because…? It’s video for the sake of video. ‘We need moving images! Just get them out there! Video! VIDEO! V-I-D-E-O!’

Of course, we understand and admire this sentiment and the enthusiasm for our beloved art form. We know people have read things about this thing called ‘video.’ We know that Cisco have predicted that by 2017 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be made up by video. 

But… we also know that video isn’t powerful if it’s, well, bad video. But what makes a bad video? Well, in order to answer that the best thing we can do is give you a comparison. It’s like saying, ‘WRITING! Let’s get some writing on the website! Writing! Writing! Writing!’

But this doesn’t happen, does it?


business video crimes

You see, when they invented the pen – at first it was very exciting. Legend has it that the Ancient Egyptians used to have Pen Parties to celebrate their new creation and used to wave their papyrus scrolls above their heads with sheer excitement as they wrote new squiggles on them.

All new things are exciting – but just like writing, video needs some planning for it to have meaning. So, the sooner you get past the novelty factor of video and start planning what goes out in public, just like you would do with any other marketing material, the better.

Treat your business video like entertainment. If you’re not educating or providing value – and all you’re really doing is just saying hi to your mum – then you’re not entertaining.


Top Video Crimes – Crime #2 – Eyeline Crime

business video eyeliner crime

When shooting video, you need to commit to a certain eyeline – either down the barrel of the camera or as if you are talking to somebody off camera. Don’t mix the two. Breaking the 4th wall and talking to your audience builds in the expectation that the audience is involved.

Whereas not talking directly to your audience and talking somewhere else makes them one step removed. And that’s two different styles – and mixing the two becomes strange, unnerving and just a little bit freaky.

Which brings us to the top crime yet…

Top Video Crimes – Crime #3 – Giving in

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In the big scheme of things, business video is new and it’s not something you just learn overnight. You must not give up!

The point is – practice really does make perfect. Or, at the very least, the more video you do, the better you’ll get at it. You must not give in!

Business video stirs up our emotions, our passions. You see…

The better you get, the more feedback you get. And just when you think you’re getting good, you need to push yourself that one step further and take new risks and try new things until you look up to the skies and shout, ‘YES I CAN!’

Because he or she who stands in front of a camera and tries new forms of marketing is only looking after themselves and trying to grow their business. If that’s a crime, Arrest me, officer! 

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