How to use video to sell more products



In the old days, when you walked into a shop, an assistant will often come up to you and ask you if you’d like any help. Perhaps you might ask a question about a product, looking for help in making the right decision.

“Which one is right for me?”  “I’m not sure if I need all that power” “Which one do you recommend?”

The world has changed and now people research products online before they walk in to a shop or make that call or hit buy, especially new products or ones they are not familiar with.  Their questions can be answered instantly and if you’re not answering them, then someone else is…

According to Google “how to” videos and product review videos are the most popular form of video content online. I bet in the last month you’ve visited YouTube to find out more about something you want to buy and this content will have influenced your purchasing decisions.

In order to sell more products online using video you need to create a bank of useful product reviews, “how to’s” and vs/comparison videos to help people make their mind up….but that’s only half the story.


By using the people who work at your company to present these videos, the unspoken benefit is in the personal service.

Imagine watching 4-5 videos about a product you’re interested in and then speaking to that person on the phone when you contact the company, or your sales chap going out and meeting with a new prospect who’s spent 50 minutes watching your videos…or an hour. or an hour and a half..

Yes. These are real world examples. 

Keeping people on your site, learning about your products and receiving it from real people who they can deal with in the real world will transform your marketing to a hyper personal service your competition will be very cranky with.