Video editing examples

** Remember these are self-filmed

We’ve advised on kit and presenting via our in-house Booth Camp system. Then we’ve been sent the raw footage to complete the edit. 

If you’d like to see content where we’ve done everything check out the ‘Join the Resistance’ packages in our shop


YouTube, Promo & Website Videos

We produce content for all of Saltus’ video led marketing. This is an example of the self-shot content that they sent to us to edit. We also gave them in-house training via our Booth Camp system.

Here’s what they said about us:

There were only about seventy of us in the business, and now there’s two hundred video has been really key with that, and it’s been great having them as as a partner throughout our growth period.”

Aura Architecture

YouTube, Promo & Website Videos

With help from the marketing team who we trained to film on site and in their studio, we’ve edited all the recent content for their Youtube channel. They started out with our in-house training via our Booth Camp system.

Coach Viva

YouTube Channel

We’ve edited some of Coach Viva’s biggest videos but before that we helped them redo their set, framing and lighting.

Here’s some feedback they got: 

Your video is indeed Amaaazing! First from video edit – captures attention, to your voice – super confident and supportive and powerful, to lots of added in videos, graphs, examples and pictures!”

Pearce Plastic Surgery

YouTube, website & social media videos

We’ve edited and advised on YouTube and website content for for Paul’s channel and helped him create this unique business video look that crosses over from Youtube to website and social media content without losing his signature brand and feel.

Here’s what they said about us: 

“I am super impressed with what you guys have done!” – Paul


YouTube Videos

Ok – this one is not entirely self-filmed! But we thought you might like to know we do 3D animation. We edited all of the videos for Rubik’s latest “how-to series” on YouTube to reflect their new brand guide. ***Not a standard rate as this included animation.

I just can’t believe what you’ve managed with these videos! These are freakin (he might have said another word) amazing!” – Neil


How outsourced Editing works

We edit videos for businesses and YouTube channels on a subscription basis, boosting their quality and saving them significant amounts of time and money.

#1 Upload

Using our submission platform, easily upload and submit your raw footage and comments.

Professional video editor

#2 We Edit

Our editors get to work. You’ll receive an e-mail when they begin so you’re never left wondering. ​

#3 Feedback

You’ll receive an e-mail taking you to our feedback platform.

Online video editing

#4 Download

Once signed off on the video you can easily download your content.

Tonnes of features,

#1 Dedicated Editor

You’ll receive your very own video editor. They’ll work with you to get know what you like and build a seamless workflow. It’s like hiring a video editor, but easier. 

#2 Fast Turnaround

Maximum 7 working day turnaround  (we don’t rush your work). If it’s really urgent, we’ll do our best to get it done even faster but we won’t sacrifice quality. 

#3 Revisions

Every edit can have up to three sets of revisions. We’re professionals, so there’s not usually more than one needed. 

#4 Royalty Free Music

We use high quality, royalty free music for your videos that’ll uplift, inspire and motivate viewers.

#5 Stock Video

We have access to over 800,000 stock video clips that’ll help your content tell visual stories.

#6 Expert Consultation

Our on boarding call will help you boost your production quality and workflow as well as put your mind at ease.

#7 Always up to date

You’ll never be left to wonder if your edit has begun. The moment we start work you’ll receive an e-mail.

#8 Free online training

Use our online course to learn how to write, present, produce and promote your content for for even better video edits. 

#9 Feedback platform

Our specialist video host ensures feedback is fast, easy and always trackable. 

How much does video editing cost 2

30 day money back guarantee

No long term contracts. Sign up and try our video editing service for 14 days and if you’re not happy,  you can have your money back.


4 Video pack
£ 1160
  • 4 Videos edited (Up to 3 minutes each)
  • Up to 7 working day turnaround
  • Stock video, music and images
  • Dedicated editor
  • 30 Days money back guarantee


12 Video pack
£ 3120
  • 12 videos edited (Up to 3 minutes each)
  • Up to 7 working day turnaround
  • Stock video, music and images
  • Dedicated editor
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
Best Value

Single Edit

Try us out or buy a one-off
£ 380
  • 1 Video (Up to 5 minutes)
  • Up to 7 working day turnaround
  • Stock video, music and images
  • Dedicated editor
  • 14 Days money back guarantee

Some Brands Who Trust Us

But Nobody Could Edit Your Videos Like You!

You know your tone and style better than anyone else and that’s why you’re probably worried that an online editing service like ours won’t be able to match it. 

The thing is, after editing thousands of videos, we know that hiring professional editors won’t match what you can already do, they’ll exceed it. 

So if you have some concerns,  click the link to book in a quick call with a real life human and we’ll do our best to put your mind at ease and discuss how we can put a pro touch to your content. 

It's time to celebrate, you might never have to edit again!

If that makes you feel good then try our outsourced monthly video editing service 100% risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee. 

Still have some Questions?

Our video editing service covers: 

  • Talking head videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Presented videos
  • Social media videos
  • Interview videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Short promo videos

We edit on Final Cut Pro X but will be adding an Adobe specific editor to the team very soon

Videos can be up to 6 minutes long.  

We don’t believe low quality content is worth spending money on editing. 

This means that it needs to have been shot and presented to a reasonable standard. 

Editing won’t save a badly made video so we only work with approved clients to maintain our reputation and yours.

❌ We only work with approved clients to maintain our reputation and yours.

❌ Phone shot footage

❌Long winded or rambling, unstructured narrative

❌ Hateful or indecent content

❌ 2D and 3D animation 

❌ Masking and motion tracking (This can be done for an add on fee)

All clients will receive their own upload form, here you fill out the brief. When you submit the brief you are taken automatically to the upload bank.

Sometimes files can be very large depending on the camera used, we will advise on video codecs that are best for upload so you can have a very fast process.

Subscriptions have no contracts however, we can edit your first video for a flat fee of £200* to help give you peace of mind.

We’ve produced over 10,000 videos for businesses and we’ve yet to have a complaint so we’re eager to show you what we’ve got. With our 30 day money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

*VAT must be added for UK clients

We sure can, but we edit your videos in the traditional 16:9 rectangle unless stated otherwise. For every video you have made we’ll edit it into a short square template on request. Watch the demo video to learn more. 

Clients can bolt on a subtitle pack (£50-£125 depending on your requirements)  inside the members area whenever they like.

We’ll aim to match your style as well as hopefully improve it. 

On sign up you’ll upload any branding or graphics you want included to our system and we’ll take it from there. 

We’ll always aim to finish a project before we start a new one, usually revisions are handled on the same day.

If you can get back to us on the same day you are sent the video it is more likely to be done there and then. If it takes a few weeks you could fall down the queue.

Our editors work for us full time and have a minimum of 3 years experience as a professional editor. The whole team is currently UK based but we tend to work remotely. We do have a studio where clients film also in Hertfordshire near London.

If you would like to apply to be an editor please contact us. 


Inside the editing portal you can leave comments, feedback and set deadline dates. Check out the demo to see it in full swing. 

We’ve edited over 10,000 videos and are yet to receive an editing complaint. We have a 30 day money back guarantee, and any changes and concerns can be sorted in the feedback rounds. 

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