Video editing

Save time, boost quality and scale up your production with our professional editing service for businesses

Video editing

Save time, boost quality and scale up your production with our professional editing service for businesses

How can our video editing help?

📹 Is your video lacking creativity?

Editing is not only where your videos are pieced together, but your final chance to add that little bit of extra quality to them. For us, editing is all about producing a creative edge that helps bring your content to life.

Simply select the tone of your content and as a professional video editing company, we’ll make sure we match it and give it a quality that’ll not only surprise you but your viewers too. In the right way, of course.

📹 Struggling to find the time to edit?

A lot of businesses find the editing process overwhelming. Learning software, cutting, adding text, branding and mastering the very basics can mean a video that only took an hour to shoot, takes up a whole day editing!

As pro editors, we not only save businesses an incredible amount of time, but we can edit videos to a higher quality, faster. This means your team can spend time growing your business instead of trying to work out a skill that’s hard to master.

📹 Not getting the most out of your footage?

Lets say you spent a day filming, you’ve got so much footage you might not know what to do with it. Should it be a promo? Content marketing? an Instagram story? And what else could you do with it to get more from less?

As professional editors, we’re able to advise you on your recordings, suggests ways we can edit it to work with your current marketing strategy and then repurpose it time and time again to give you a bank of video that’s ready to use any time.

A few video editing examples

How the editing process works


  1. Send us your video clips and a brief. You can call us on 01442 573 227 or fill out the form on the button below


2. We’ll send you a quote, give you a time scale and suggest a few things that’ll give you more value and impact with your footage. If you go forward we take a 50% deposit to get started.


3. We’ll then upload the footage between 7-10 days later to our special platform designed to make leaving feedback easy. Usually only minor tweaks are needed.

Sign off

4. Once signed off the second payment is taken and the video is made available for download. We’re happy to help you with some promotion tips and tricks too so don’t be afraid to ask. 

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