How have BNI used video in 2019?

How have BNI used video in 2019?


Educational vlogs

BNI are always producing educational vlogs that benefit their members, prospects, and, basically, anyone in business. They get used on social media and internally, resulting in a personal feel to their marketing and comms.


Case Studies

BNI use case studies to tell their members stories. Last year’s case study generated over 30,000 views on Facebook. It creates a feeling of community and belonging, and this year’s told a story that showed off the more unexpected benefits of their service.



When you have 12,000 members, getting a message out to all of them can be tricky. BNI used video on a regular basis to update their members, covering everything from charity events, to thank you videos to internal content.



BNI train their members, directors and franchisees online and offline, they are always adding to the bank of support content they produce meaning they provide an excellent service. They’re also fantastic at bringing in a more playful element to keep the content fresh and engaging, which is what works for embedding a message.


Targeted Video Follow-Ups

When Charlie was invited to talk at the national sales conference, he didn’t want people’s experience to start and finish when he was on stage.

He produced a series of videos in the run up to the conference and to continue after the talk to help build engagement, conversation and more personal and interactive experience.

DIY videos – Series

BNI took use of our members DIY studio and produced 7 videos in one session for a series about self-promotion, something that terrifies many people. Charlie used them on his own personal LinkedIn and the chatty and personal style of the videos generated a tonne of comments, likes, and interaction, something we’d encourage all businesses to try.

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