How have CitySprint used video in 2019?

How have CitySprint used video in 2019?


Internal updates

When you have a large network of drivers around the UK, updating them on changes in the business or operations can be a tough task. CitySprint have been using video for a while now internally, but in 2019 they stepped it up a notch and covered everything from ULEZ to Brexit.


Newsworthy content

CitySprint looks out for small businesses too, they prepared a report called Collaborate UK to help people learn more about coping with Brexit. Content like this is a service and carries their values across the web to anyone who hits play.


Visual promos

The CitySprint sister brand “On The Dot” made use of video with a short visual promo showing off the difference between their tracked and updated delivery service vs. the competition. Nobody liked waiting about it, so the content does a great job in addressing a pain point.


Training videos

They do have a video for every situation, and training doesn’t get ignores. CitySprint has used video to help their couriers make more money, deal with clients, and provide business support the drivers can access when they need.

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