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Video Production Barnet

Every business, no matter what industry, has a unique selling point and mission, something that makes it special. Business Film Booth is a video production company that specialises in conveying just what it is that makes you unique, ensuring you stand out from the competition. 

Not only do our cinematic video productions looks great, but they tell your story and ensure your target audience watch, enjoy and bond with your brand. 

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how does it work

We Meet


We find out about your business

We Plan


We come up with a video production your viewers will lap up.

We Film


The film is captured at our studio or on location

Ta Daa


The footage is lovingly pieced together and uploaded to our amazing video hosting.





Want more than one video production? How About 10, 0r 20, or 100, for the same price as one?


Our mission is to put people back at the front of their businesses and change the way companies promote themselves in Barnet and North London and the UK.

A few years ago, back before the internet took over, people bought from people they trusted and liked, they’d meet, share stories, and build relationships. One day the shift to buying online happened and decisions were made without ever seeing a human face giving companies with large marketing budgets more of an edge. 

As a result, the smaller businesses began to really lose out. How could they possibly compete with the larger marketing budgets of big companies and get people to make buying decisions on their websites? Well now this has changed! 

Business Film Booth Based is the only video production company in the world to offer unlimited video memberships. Yup! That means you can have as many videos filmed for your business over a year as you like.  

Unlimited Video Production Barnet

Our fixed cost membership packages allow you to fill up your website, social media and e-mails with tons of high quality video of yourself or your staff.  Bringing the old fashioned person to person relationship building back.

Build trust and convert clients with your personality, just like the good old days. Barnet won’t know whats hit it.