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Video production training

Build a home or office studio, learn to use it and make high quality video content

Make the right first impression

and the second, third, fourth....

Video calls, live streams and video are here to stay and they’re only becoming more popular. 

Your home studio is your brand so make sure you don’t let it down with sloppy backgrounds, dodgy sound, lighting and poor quality that devalues it. 

Our training sessions cover all of the things that you need to make content that looks great, sounds great and engages your viewer with creativity that’ll set you apart. 

How Video production training works

Remote or in person we’ve got you covered. 

Testimonial video questions

#1 Brief

Let us know which areas you want to improve on or learn from the below list and send us any examples of videos or screenshots from video calls you have.

#2 Package

We’ll check it out and come up with a package that’ll get you to where you want to be. 

testimonial video filming

#3 Train

Training can be conducted on location or remote. We’ll recommend which will work best for your solution. 

Online video editing

#4 Go show off

Armed with your new video skills its time to go show off. 

Training options

Go all in on one or mix it up. We’ll advice you on what you need if you feel stuck. 

#1 Studio build

Set up a professional home or office studio. We’ll advise on the kit you need based on your environment and help you put it all together. 

#2 Video Production basics

When you have the right kit for the job, we’ll teach you how to use it. This covers everything from lighting, sound, camera settings and backdrops. 

#3 Writing

Kit will make your content look good but if what you’re saying isn’t effective then you’ve wasted your time and money. Learn to write quality video that entertains, informs and surprises people. 

#4 Presenting

If a Prada handbag turned up in a plastic bin bag, you’d be pretty disappointed. Awkward, lifeless presenting is the biggest killer of video. Learn to present and turn your content in to an experience. 

#5 Editing

Where the magic happens. We’ll show you the most important basics to keep your content fresh and alive without complicating the process.

#6 Video Calls

First impressions count so make sure your sales team or any front facing team members make theirs count. We’ll teach individuals or whole teams how to make their video calls stand out for the right reasons. 

What our clients think about training 

Free Video Production course

Start your training now with our bank of over 90 videos to teach you how to present, write, promote, use cameras, lights and more. 

Full Day Training

£ 975
  • 8 Hour training session
  • Go deep on one topic or touch on multiple
  • Train up to 4 people from your team
  • Remote or in person

Video course

£ 95
  • Comprehensive Studio set up
  • Get the best settings and protocols
  • 12 months of virtual support
  • Designed specifically for the kit we recommend

Still have some Questions?

We recommend no more than 4 people at a time in one training session. For remote we advise only one on one. 

We sure can. We’re experienced with all types of cameras and it won’t matter what make yours is

We currently don’t provide kit but we can advise on what to buy depending on your situation.

We’d advise getting in touch to have a chat about what you already have, what you want to make and what your budget is for kit.

We’ll then be able to advise better. 

This will depend on your goals and how you want to use video. There are many platforms, all have their own pros and cons. 

Get in touch with any questions on this for training and we’ll be able to advise. 

Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch to chat through your goals, your existing experience and the areas you want help with. 

We can then build a package for you. 

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