What to expect when starting your YouTube channel

What to expect when starting your YouTube channel – The key to staying motivated and sane

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We live in a world of instant everything, instant information, instant fame.

Anyway, our point is this; YouTube is full of big numbers, big views, big subscribers and big personalities.

But very few of these, if any, became famous overnight even though it kind of feels that way.

Let’s look at how long ago some of the big names started

Tech blogger MKBHD now has 9 million subs,  from over 1000 videos at the time of filming. He started 2008… with a golf video!!

PewDiPie a gaming vlogger turned…i’m not sure what his channel is about now, but he has over 70 million subs from 2010 with over 3000 videos

Casey Neistat, a tech blogger/production blogger/ filmmaker, has 10 million subs from 980 videos since 2010.

Now the numbers you see are the huge, maybe even more substantial than you think.

To put this into perspective to you, TOWIE a top-rated English TV show got 400,000 views when a new series was shown in its height of popularity…. That would be a bad result for any of their videos.

The most-watched episode of Game of Thrones at the time of filming was 16 million views which are eclipsed by PewDipies top video that currently has 84 million views,

Double that of the Seinfeld finale and 30 million more than the most watched tv episode of all time MASH’s final show.

Now you would never dream of making your own tv show and expecting it to compete with any of these big name shows, but the mad thing is, your potential for viewers eclipses what’s possible on TV due to the beautiful nature of YouTube.

So to not lose motivation with views or subscriber envy, you need to keep this in mind.

Performing to 1000 people live on a stage would be a big deal right? Or 500, or 200 or 100!!

In fact, it would probably be one of the most memorable moments of your life.

So when starting your youtube channel, you need to set these expectations.

1. You will fail to start with.

If you’re new to production you’ve got to learn the kit, then the editing then how YouTube Works.

2. Set realistic time scales

It will take ten years….

Now you might have smaller goals, and that’s fine but seeing this as a long term project is the only way you’ll stay sane.  

We’re looking at our channel as a 10-year project, and we’re looking to hit over half a million subscribers in that time frame.

We do have a head start as we are already Youtube certified and know how to make videos, but we don’t want to kid ourselves into thinking this will be easy, even with that on our side.

3. If you’re in this for the money you might not ever make it.

None of the big bloggers or channels got into this for the money. It wasn’t even possible to make that much when they started.

Due to YouTube’s success, just like the gold rush, cash has flooded in.  You’ve got to do this for your passion.

More and more people will come to YouTube for the money and fame which means more competition, bigger budgets and it’s only going to get worse.

If you want to make money, then stay niche and find your audience, make it all about them, look to how you can use affiliate links on Amazon and any other tools you may use and start putting them in the descriptions from the start even when you only have one viewer.

But don’t do it for the money, to be doing this in ten years, it’s got to be because its something you love doing.

The good news is, all this hard work will have a compound effect, your channel can hit a point if you post regularly and consistently where it will take off, but only the brave will survive.

If that hasn’t put you off and you want to get cracking on your channel or even boost your current one, watch this video here all about setting up your channel so that it can thrive and make sure you subscribe and join us on our own channel building journey helping you to grow yours.

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