When did marketing get so complicated?

When did marketing get so complicated? How to get 950X ROI the easy way


There’s a big problem in marketing right now, and its causing SMEs to waste eye-watering amounts with shoddy marketing companies who are bamboozling people with complicated and expensive tactics that really don’t work without chunky budgets and even they, they’re questionable.

The fact you can do so many weird and wonderful things with digital marketing means it’s easy to get carried away as the next even more complex craze comes in.

The truth is marketing is actually quite simple and if you’re being sold something thats baking your nooodle, question why!.

Let’s break it into some easy to follow levels.


The 4 levels of marketing that won’t make your brain hurt. 


Level 1 – Know your audience

You need to know who your audience is, find where they hang out, and then get your messages in front of them at the right time.

That’s it at the most basic.


Level 2. Values & Brand

If we add a layer of complexity, values and branding come into play. These are really something you need in level one, but we tend to find the terms confuse people and values are often tricky to articulate so let’s ignore them for now.

The problem with level one is, you don’t know when the right time to get your message in front of someone might be, which means we need a third level.


Level 3 Consistency

Your communication needs to be ongoing. They used to say it took 6 touch points for someone to recognise you. Then they said 14 as the internet went bonkers and the other day we heard 32!!

This is where content marketing comes into play because blasting 32 adverts at someone will get annoying.

Content Marketing Is the idea that you make useful stuff to prove your credibility, provide another touchpoint and help people make a decision that will hopefully end up in a lead or sale.

One video, blog, or social post won’t work, you need lots, daily, communicating your brand, values and credibility in different ways. This is why most small businesses and larger businesses do it so badly, it’s a lot of work.


Level 4 – The cherry AKA Trust

Finally, in our simplistic look at marketing, there is the cherry on top. Trust. No matter how many levels you use, marketing won’t work without the cherry.


How to do marketing with only 2 levels – A super simple tactic

Now, this is already starting to sound confusing even with just four levels so what if you said “I only want to get a result using level one” and of course, the cherry on top. Is it even possible?

Well yes! Here’s an example of success using level one marketing on its own.

Recently my brother set up his own company, he’s a private jet broker, fancy right.

Using level 1, he simply sent 12 letters to people who he had helped in some way, shape, or form within his network in the past.

The cost of these 12 letters was £20, they were short and summed up his offering.

He knew who his audience was.
He knew where they hung out , in this case their homes
He got his message in front of them

Due to the fact they knew of him or had some experience of him in the past, the cherry was on top too.

The result. 4 new clients from 12 letters. His ROI is currently 950X that of his spend. He only sent these a few months ago so that can only increase. If they go on to use him more, it could end up with another 0 on it.

He didn’t have to build funnels, spend tonnes on creative or devise a way to trick people into giving him a shot.

This isn’t uncommon either, one of our members recently produced 12 very elaborate and creative letters designed to look like books. He sent them out to get a foot in the door in an attempt to get a meeting, 8 people responded.


Why has marketing become complicated? The honest truth

The reason marketing might feel so complicates is gurus, and the marketing companies focus on tactics that require a massive distribution strategy to work, which either takes years to build or costs an eye-watering amount to get some traction with.

They sell tactics that can scale businesses, make you viral, film your business with thousands of new clients because who wouldn’t want that right?

It’s a dream we chased for years until we realised actually if we had ten new clients we couldn’t cope with much more.

Greed and overnight success gets you a lot more article shares and comments than a boring article like this that says, keep it simple and be consistent over the long hall. I mean who would buy a newspaper with the headline “Business grows 3% in 2019 due to year one of it’s long term marketing strategy.”

The thing is, big brands are trying lots of different forms of marketing, which is often where these “viral” growth stories come from. They’re not just putting all their budget into one Facebook campaign, they do multiple things and then increase their spend on what works best.

I was recently told that to properly test a Facebook ad campaign, you need to spend about 12k, in just testing. (Disclaimer, I’m a messenger here, I’m sure others will disagree..a lot. )

Marketing bods have done a great job in convincing us that we need an incomprehensible amount of leads to get a return and actually you do online!!

The average online lead is pants, you can’t handpick them. You can try to talk to only the people who are right for you, but if you’re using a megaphone, other people will hear.

Sure some amazing leads get through. Some of our biggest clients have come from Google and YouTube, but for every amazing lead there’s a hand full or five of time wasters. Lets take our LinkedIn profiles, every time one of our videos gets traction on LinkedIn we get days worth of following up with people who are not right for us.

They don’t go through the filtering system and its not their fault. We just can’t control who sees what online like the letters to the wealthy private jet clients.

The more we’ve learnt about marketing, systems, automation, paid ads the more we’ve come to learn that marketing should only be complicated if you’re doing it wrong and for many SME’s, especially in a service industry, we believe anything other than simple, won’t work.

The best results we see with video are the ones that get a handful of views, super targeted views. One of our clients produced 32 videos with us, thats a lot! Each one was designed for a single viewer, to make them feel special, valued, and not part of a mass message anyone could see. The results were as you might expect, excellent.

Yes, more complex marketing can do amazing things but really why not look at who’s immediately in front of you and try gain their attention with just level. One.

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