Where to look on camera when filming your own business video


Where to look on camera when filming your own business video.

Where should I look when I’m on camera?

The thing is that if you’re using your phone to make video, your options about where to look are a little limited.

If you think about it, there’s really nowhere else to look rather than right at the phone.

And there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

In fact, in the world of the web it’s the done thing. It’s become de rigueur to look down the barrel – whether you’re filming on your phone or not.

Keep it simple 

Of course, there are plenty of other styles out there that you could use. 

As Dave demonstrates in the video, a documentary style uses a sort of 1/3 cutaway. You’ll often see man on the street footage or vox pops on the TV news, where the person on camera isn’t actually looking at the camera at all!

This works well in some situations, but for starters you really need a film crew and a couple of cameras for it to work well.

And, there’s another very good reason why you should want to be looking right at the camera…

How to connect with your audience

Looking straight at the camera is the way to go.

About Us videos, Homepage videos, Service videos – what you are really trying to do with all these types of video is to make a connection with your audience.

And it’s going to be a difficult ask to connect with that audience if you don’t actually look at them!

So, straight up, where you need to look on camera is straight at it.

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