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DON’T be on your best behaviour in business video

If you’re reading this, there’s actually a very good chance that you are a ‘human being’. Agreed?

Good. Glad we’ve cleared that one up.

Human beings, most of the time, have a personality too.

Mmmm…  I can hear you thinking… maybe that one’s open to debate

But they DO, really!

So, why is it then, that when the camera starts rolling for business video most people develop an acute case of Business Behaviour Itis?

What is Business Behaviour Itis?

Business Behaviour Itis is kidding yourself that a watered-down, more sedate and quieter version of yourself is somehow going to attract your target market.

Why would that ever work?!

So, why do business people behave themselves on camera and transform themselves into crashing bores?

Well, usually it’s because they don’t know exactly who their target audience is. If they could actually see their target audience in front of them – rather than a camera – then they would know what their expectations were. Of course, it’s much easier to tell when your audience is right there in the room in front of you.

All of these unknowns do add up to make being on camera quite an intimidating experience. 

The first step: Define your audience

If you don’t think carefully about who your target market is and you don’t define your audience, you’ll end up falling back to the broadest audience possible.

How about some statistics to prove a point?

Did you know that there are 7,259,902,243 human beings on Planet Earth? And of those 7.3 billion people, that 3,336,261,156 of them are internet users?

That qualifies as a ‘Seriously Big Massive Amount’ (a technical term there).

Yep, that’s a broad audience alright! But, believe it or not, the target audience for your video should not be 46.4% of the world’s entire population. (Which is what 3,336, 261, 156 people is, by the way)

When you are figuring out your business video marketing strategy, you might want to be a tiny wee bit more selective and whittle it down, just a touch!

Because talking to a broad audience means you are actually talking to no one at all.

It’s time to unknow what you know.

So, whatever you think you know about being on camera, we’re going to encourage you to think the opposite. We want to you to rip up ‘The Boring Business Behaviour Rule Book’ and start misbehaving!

We’ve even got some tips to help you overcome Business Behaviour Itis and make more engaging business video

Tip Number One:  Over-Project

You see, it’s going to be you on camera – but it needs to be you x 10. The camera will suck the life out of you. You need to project, accentuate and exaggerate your delivery. That’s why we call it Panto Mode.

If you’re worried about looking a bit silly on camera doing this, do 2 versions: you ‘as you were’ and the second version in Panto Mode. (The pantomime dame costume is optional)

It might sound silly – but it works.

Tip Number Two – Use your feet

The second thing you can do is get out of that chair!

Step. Away. From. The. Chair.

You’ve got feet, right? Use them!

Chairs are for relaxing in and if you are sat in one on video you’ll look more sedate, possibly not very confident and almost certainly a bit dull.

Even newsreaders stand up a fair bit these days, after all.

So, you need to get up and stand up!

Tip Number Three – Take Risks

You need to be prepared to take a risk.  You don’t have to get things right on your first take. Use your time to explore and be spontaneous. You’ll grow in confidence the more you do it and unless you get up to Take Number 350, and you’re still not happy, there won’t be a problem.

There you have it – all you things you need to know about how NOT to be on your best behaviour in videos.

Because without these things, you’ll never be yourself on camera. 

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