Why great service isn’t a selling point

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Why “Having Great Service” Isn’t A Selling Point… And How To Find One That Is


Great service isn’t a great selling point! It’s a bold statement (hence the bold type) so here’s why and, most importantly, how you can go about finding a selling point that actually is a selling point…


What is great service?

First, we need to establish what great service actually is.

In Japan, tipping just isn’t allowed. Eh? What’s that got to do with the price of (raw) fish? 

(In-joke for all you sushi lovers out there)

Why isn’t it allowed? Well, as far as the good people of Japan are concerned, providing the best possible service, all of the time, is the absolute bare minimum that should be expected and that they can do.

So, great service is no great shakes. It’s par for the course and nothing special really.

Reality check. Gulp!

Why you can’t say you give great service

Of course, you’ll often hear people trotting out the statement, ‘We give great service!’ But the only people that should actually be saying this are your clients.

Great service is not an action – it’s a consequence. It’s a result that you provide after a sale is made.

So, how can the people have come to you just for the great service?

The truth is. They can’t – it’s not a reason at all.

When a business owner or a member of staff says that they provide great service as a selling point, what they are really saying is, ‘I don’t know why people buy from me.’

You might excel in your service for a particular client and you might want to regale people with the tale of how you went far beyond the call of duty for them – but this may not be relevant to a new prospect who will have a specific pay point.


Let your clients do the talking

Let your clients tell people how great your service is! After all, they are the ones who have experienced it, so they are the judge and jury.

Instead, focus on one selling point that isn’t product or service related at all.

So, how do I do that then?


The problem that you solve

The secret is to talk about a problem that you uniquely solve that your target audience can relate to.

For example…

You’re an accountant.

You could say: ‘I am an accountant. I give really great service.’

OR… you could say:

‘I’m a safe pair of hands. I’m a sure bet. I’m a simplifier of complex things.

I’m time saving. I’m money saving. I make sure people’s financial bills are less than if they were to handle things on their lonesome.

I’m the reader of the back of the box of monopoly’s game of life.’

Okay, maybe give that last one a miss. 

But all the others? Look at all the problems you are taking away from the client! Do all of those things and do them well and your clients will be purring and telling everybody about the great service you provide.

So, at its most basic, just think about what you do in terms of the problem that you solve.

And go from there. Click here to find out why you should never say “I’m passionate”

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