Why the setting and background of video matters


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Why the background and setting of your video matters

The setting or the background of your video, or Facebook Live stream, can really say a lot about what sort of business person you are. So it could say: Authentic, down to earth, approachable.

Which, I’m sure you’d agree, would all be pretty good. You’d be happy with any of those if you came across that way to your lovely audience, wouldn’t you? However, the setting or background of your video could just as easily say: Lazy, disorganised and a little bit weird. That’s why the background of your video matters!


Now here’s where we not only continue to dazzle with our extensive font-of-all-knowledge-esque experience of the filmmaking world, but we also impress with our stunning multilingual skills… mise-en-scène is French.  Mise-en-scène broadly translates as ‘put into the scene’ and essentially means ‘telling a story.’ Mise-en-scène is very important in theatre, TV and film. In the film world, backgrounds and settings are the mise-en-scène. They are used to help fill in the blanks and details about a character’s story.

In the case of your film, this means your story.


The Stats

62% of your customers are likely to have a negative perception of your brand if you publish a poorly produced video. That means 62% of your ‘potential customers’ could become ‘not potential customers anymore.’ And it could even mean that your ‘existing customers’ turn into ‘ex-customers.’


The Importance of Setting

The setting plays a really big part in that. And it goes a long way in unhelpfully shaping that negative perception in your audience’s mind. So, unless your car is a product that you actually sell – don’t shoot your video in your car. Unless you’re doing a motorbike review – don’t shoot your video as you burn rubber on your Ducati racing down the M1. (There might be one of two health and safety issues with that one too, thinking about it.) And, unless you make toast for a living – stay out of the kitchen.


Remove or minimise 

The internet is a brutal place and people will judge you for things that you might consider to be quite trivial like clutter on your desk, or questionable wallpaper, or a really dusty surface. And invest in a tripod! Movement is a HUGE distraction. No matter how still you think you are holding your iPad or smartphone as you merrily go about the business of shooting your video, it won’t be still – and to the audience it will appear that you have a chronic case of Shaky Hands Syndrome.

The problem is easily fixed if you just get a simple and pretty cost effective little bit of kit from Amazon – a trusty tripod. So, remember to remove or minimise anything that could be distracting – get rid of that ‘Get Milk’ post-it note and kick that stray pair of socks out of view.


Block colours rock

This is why we use block or black backgrounds to minimise any distractions at all. And here’s a top tip: If you do this at home on a plain coloured wall, use a backlightYou could use a desk lamp or something like that – it doesn’t have to be an added expensive. Basically, backlighting separates you from the background. It gives it more depth and it looks more polished.


The rewards

Your audience will reward you for consistency, lack of clutter and watch more of your video.

And then hopefully watch another one, followed by another one, followed by another one…

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