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The ultimate video production course

Welcome to our video production course. Since Jan 2019 we’ve released 3 videos a week to our YouTube channel covering all things production and promotion.

This course takes our YouTube content and turns it in to a system you can follow step by step to make your own videos, present and build a YouTube channel. 

Why donate? We didn’t want to charge for our course, we have a global audience and what might seem great value in the UK could be unattainable in the developing countries so we wanted to keep it fair. 

You’ll notice donation buttons scattered about, it’s totally optional, you may use the course for free if you please.

If you found value in any course, you learnt something new or we made you chuckle and you want to donate then your generosity will go straight back in to the channel. It’ll help us take on a new team member to continue to provide more content just like this. 

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