Covid Update: We are fully operational for filming days and the studio is open. 

Build watch times with better YouTube content.

Create higher quality videos that make the right first impression, hold your viewers attention and build your watch times.

Who is this for?

YouTubers who want to:

  • Improve the look of their content
  • Gain confidence in the presentation of their videos
  • Make a better first impression
  • Keep viewers watching their videos for longer
  • Take their production to the next level 

The 5 things we review

#1 Set up

Receive feedback on your overall look and how to improve your setting

#2 Image

Get tips on improving the image quality of your videos.  

#3 Lighting

This is everything when it comes to making better looking content. We’ll give you tips on how to use the light you have to improve your image.

#4 Audio 

Your viewers need quality audio more than anything else. We’ll help you get better sound, remove echo and examine how to use sound to bring your content to life. 

#5 Editing 

This is where watch times get built. We’ll examine your style and give you tips on where to improve to make more engaging content. 

Fed up of drab looking video? We can Help

Since 2015 we’ve helped businesses produce over 12,000 videos and as a result of that we get thrown in to all kinds of set ups and situations which are less than ideal.  

This means we know how to turn a drab office, bedroom or basement in to something more glam.

Our YouTube production audits review your content and give you a step by step checklist of the things you can implement straight away, to make videos that not only look and sound better, but help you boost your viewer retention and watch times.

Business Film Booth Video Editing

Pick your package

Bronze audit

Includes a written document tackling the following
  • Studio set up and backdrop review
  • Image quality review
  • Lighting review
  • Audio improvements
  • Editing tips and trick to boost engagement

Diamond audit

Bronze + A one hour video call to go over the review
  • Studio set up and backdrop review
  • Image quality review
  • Lighting review
  • Audio improvements
  • Editing tips and trick to boost engagement
  • 1 Hour in person video call to go over the review

Still have some Questions?

Nope, we want to help you make better looking videos without having to upgrade, you can set a budget you are willing to invest on sign up and we will make some suggestions as to what might be worth buying but otherwise, its our aim to help you make an improvement straight away.

Yes we will, we’ll give you actionable advice on how to make improvements straight away. 

You’ll receive your audit 7-10 days after you sign up 

The first thing we do is look at your video example that you send us. If we think there is nothing to improve we will not conduct the audit and let you know. 

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