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YouTube videos that please the algorithm

We’re a YouTube video production company who help people serious about using video content,  organically market and grow on YouTube through high quality, story heavy content. 

Is our service right for you?

There’s a common misconception that YouTube is all about video SEO,  optimisation, tags and titles that help your content get found.  

While this is true to a point, these things alone will have no impact on your channel at all if you don’t create quality video your target audience is genuinely interested in.

This means to do YouTube right and get a solid return, you need a strategy, very high quality content and the ability to test, measure and react to the data YouTube provides.

This service is about helping businesses and creators achieve those things.

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“These guys really know their stuff, you can just trust they’ll make content that works, and they just keep surprising you with their knowledge and creativity”

Our full service YouTube system


We research content ideas and topics to establish the best videos to target 


We write video scripts that will appeal to your target audience and focus on building watch time.


We batch produce content in our studio or on location and make months worth of video at once. 


Depending on your viewer demographic, we edit to a style that suits this audience. Believe it or not, different audience types will watch content longer with different styles. 


We stop businesses from falling at the final hurdle and upload and optimise their content to work best with the original researched titles. 

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Our YouTube video production skills

#1 Writing & Planning

In most cases writing is the key to producing quality content for a YouTube channel. We write scripts for videos and plan the content so it is optimised for your viewers and the platform. 

#2 Presenting

We work with presenters and voice over artists to ensure your content has a natural and authentic quality to it. 

Alternativly if you or someone at your business would like to present we will train them 

#3 Filming

We create formats that enable production to be high quality and efficient every time. Filming in our studio or on location.

#4 Editing

Did you know that when Boomers watch videos they are put off by lots of cuts in a video? But when Gen Z see this, they will watch for longer. 

Knowing your audience and the style that’ll work for them will get better results. We edit based on what works for your viewers and nothing else. 

#5 Channel branding

Your channels branding needs to be as slick as your branding everywhere else. 

We’ll design your channel banner and your initial thumbnail templates to work for your business as well as your viewers. 

#6 Thumbnail design

Once we have created a mixed bag of styles in the channel branding exercise, we’ll continue to produce your thumbnails on going. 

#7 Re-purposing

With all of this video content, you don’t want it to go to waste. Cutting the video in to different lengths and shapes for social media is a no brainer so long as it works with your strategy. 

#8 Global coverage

We’re based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire in the UK but we service the entire globe. 

#9 Data driven analysis

Once your channel is up and running, regular data dives will help us work out just how well the content is performing.

How it Works

Brief YouTube videos

#1 Brief

We help you establish your brief. Who your target viewers are, what scope you have on the platform, how much content you need to produce, your KPIs, ideal presenters and more. 

Plan YouTube Videos

#2 Planning

We devise a plan to produce the content to the quality and quantity you need on a regular basis to grow. 

Covering everything from the style to the tone and more.

Film YouTube Videos

#3 Pilot

Your first YouTube video is produced and and tweaks are made to establish a format that will then be rolled out to the rest of your content on going. 

testimonial video filming

#4 Produce

We now scale up your content producing anything from 1 – 10 videos in a day depending on the concept. 

Online video editing

#5 Repeat 

YouTube is a long term project, discovering what works then repeating is the key to results.  We can’t help businesses who aren’t in this for foreseeable future.  

Example YouTube package

This is just an example, all packages are bespoke.  This example was for videos, presented to camera between 6-8 minutes long. Length does not always impact pricing, the style of the content does. 

Initial set up

  • Goals & KPIS
  • Target audience
  • Platforms scope
  • Content quantity and schedule
  • Content production plan

8 Videos a month

  • Written and planned
  • Filmed in one day
  • Presented/Voice over
  • Edited
  • Thumbnails created (from initial brand set up)
  • Videos uploaded


  • Text fonts and colours devised
  • Homepage banner produced
  • x3 Initial thumbnail templates designed
  • Lower thirds and call to action graphics

Still have some Questions?

The videos can be as long as they need to be based on your audience, KPI’s and goals.

We don’t usually need more than one round of feedback in editing but you can have up to 3. 

We sure can, and we recommend this to every client if they want to use video across multiple platforms. 

Just ask about our repurposing packages for the best value

We’re very careful with branding, we like to ensure all of your fits in with the rest of your communication. 

We’ll always aim to finish a project before we start a new one, usually revisions are handled on the same day.

If you can get back to us on the same day you are sent the video it is more likely to be done there and then. If it takes a few weeks you could fall down the queue.

Over the phone or via e-mail. We book up quite fast so availability can change in an instant

We like to help clients get smart with production. 

But we will not rush to try and force our more content.

We’ll help you work out how to produce your videos and then how many are realistic in a day based on the project.  

With advanced notice we can move fast however we advise clients to always be at least 3 weeks ahead of their posting schedule with production. 

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