YouTube Vs Wistia

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What is the ultimate video hosting platform?

This week we’ve decided to have a fight – the ultimate face-off between two equally matched opponents in the ‘video hosting platform’ division.  

In the red corner is Ed, fighting for Team YouTube.

Over in blue corner is Dave, fighting for Team Wistia. 

Seconds out…


Round One: Billions vs Business

Ed: With a billion users, YouTube is the ultimate video search engine with people looking for your expertise and services on a daily basis.

Dave: So, there’s billions of users? How many of those are you actually going to do business with?

And that’s the point – Wistia is a business platform. It will help you build leads and those leads can be super-targeted. If you’re local, so is Wistia.

Round Two: Analytics and Measurement

Ed: Well, YouTube’s got super-detailed analytics. You can see all about your demographic, where people are sharing your videos, how long they’re watching for, what they had for breakfast… Okay, that last one might not be true, BUT, there are crazy details on offer here.

Dave: Well, that’s great – if you don’t mind looking at something a bit like the cockpit from an Airbus A380.

Wistia only has 4 measurements. But they break it down so intuitively, you’ll understand exactly what your videos are doing at a glance. Not only that, you can track individual prospects.

Ed: Wait. What?

Dave: Well, if someone comes to your website, Wistia can tell you that they’ve watched 8 videos, how long they’ve watched them for and in what order. Then, if they sign up via the turnstile built into the video, you’ll know who they are.

And that opens up a new raft of possibilities for personalised marketing. (Image below shows viewer tracking)

youtube vs wistia measurement

(Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, YouTube!)


Round Three: Monetizing

Ed: Okay, I’ll give you that one, but I’m not really interested in individuals. I want national and global views and as many of them as I can get and to make loadsamoney from it!

Oh yeah, did I mention that you can make money from watching my videos on YouTube?

Dave: Oh right, monetizing. Yeah, that’s brilliant. Make some cash by having people watch something that has nothing to do with your business before they even get to your content!

If you want to really make money, you need to monetize the amazing content that you make and put in behind a paywall on your own website.


Round Four: Ranking vs Integration

Ed: Mmmm, that’s as maybe, but my Daddy, Lord Google, has made YouTube videos 53 times easier to rank on the front page of Google than any other content – and you just can’t compete with that.

(*throws deft and highly skilful martial arts move and blows raspberry*)

wistia vs youtube

Image above shows a youtube video ranking on page one of Google

Dave: Right, yeah okay, fine BUT, Can YouTube integrate into marketing platforms like Marketo? Hubspot? No? No, I didn’t think so.

And when you integrate your emails, Wistia can tag those prospects so you know exactly who’s watching your videos.

And that same marketing integration? If somebody watches 50% of a video in Wistia, they can get an automatic email a bit later to see if they want to watch the rest of it.


Round Five: Mobile vs Customization

Ed: Yeah, that sounds great but it’s all about mobile now and the great thing about YouTube is you can put up a massive subscriber base and every time you upload a new video, it automatically notifies them on their phone. All they have to do is click and watch.

And that moves me onto live streaming. I’m pretty sure ‘Witsia’, ‘Wisteria’ or whatever it’s called can’t do that!

Dave: Mmmm… What about customization? Wistia can make your player look the same colours as your branding, and you can password protect any video you like.

Ed: But what about Backstage, YouTube’s answer to Facebook? It allows you to share images, text and polls with your subscriber base – YouTube is building a great big social media platform.

Dave: Oh, like Google+? Cool.

Ding a ling a ling...


The Judges’ Decision in Youtube vs Wistia

And that’s exactly our point. YouTube is great as it’s got a huge audience already waiting for you. But really it’s a giant search engine and social media platform. Wistia is just more focused. Its measurement and integration combined with other marketing platforms make it a really powerful tool. They both have their pros and cons. If you want to build an audience quickly and get a lot of views, then use YouTube.

But, if you’re all about targeted audiences without all the clutter and distractions of YouTube, then Wistia’s the one.

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