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Video Production Company

Based in Hertfordshire, we are a video production company who specialise in helping businesses generate return on investment at every step of their marketing with un-corporate video.

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Video Production

Easy. Fast. Quality.

We work backwards. That might sound odd but for us, making business is all about achieving a goal, telling a story and keeping your viewers engaged.

We help businesses in Hertfordshire, London and the rest of the UK:

• Generate ROI from video
• Produce un-corporate video that isn’t stale and dull
• Plan, write and produce content
• Advise on using video
• Come to life on camera

How Video Production Works

As video marketing experts, we’ve worked in every condition going.  Submit your brief and leave the rest to us. 

#1 Brief

Let us know what you want to achieve, submit any ideas you might have and how you plan on promoting your content and we’ll take it from there. 

Testimonial video questions

#2 Brainstorm

Based on your brief and goals, we’ll work out how you can get the best return for your budget based on your distribution. 

testimonial video filming

#3 Produce

We film all over the uk or at our studio in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire. 

Online video editing

#4 Re-purposed

Once signed off, we turn your video into multiple short versions that are perfect for social media, re-marketing and paid ads. 

Video Production Includes

#1 Dedicated Producer

Your producer/director will take care of all of the production and ensure your content is always in line with your goals and brief. 

#2 Fast Turnaround

Maximum 7 working day turnaround  (we don’t rush your work). If it’s really urgent, we’ll do our best to get it done even faster but we won’t sacrifice quality. 

#3 Revisions

Every edit can have up to three sets of revisions. We’re professionals, so there’s not usually more than one needed. 

#4 Royalty Free Music

We use high quality, royalty free music for your videos that’ll uplift, inspire and motivate viewers.

#5 Stock Video

We have access to over 800,000 stock video clips that’ll help your content tell visual stories if your clients location is a bit…well, er boring.

#6 Expert Consultation

We won’t make videos unless we believe they’ll benefit your business. As a result, we provide consultation on planning and promotion as well as re-purposing your content to get the most use out of it. 

#7 Re-purpose

It’s easy to turn video in to multiple pieces of content at a lower rate. We’ll recommend how to re use your footage to hit other goals you might have with it. 

#8 National coverage

We’re based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire but we cover the whole of the UK and Ireland with our cinematic testimonials. Our telephone testimonials are global. 

#9 Feedback platform

Our specialist video host ensures feedback is fast, easy and always trackable. 

Worried about appearing on camera??

Presenting to camera can be a nerve wracking experience. We coach all of our clients who dare to step in front of a camera so that they go from novice to pro presenter in no time at all. 

In fact, why not check out our free presenting course below to get a head start. 

It's time to choose:

Produce short educational videos that show off your knowledge and build trust and awareness.

Create video ads for targeted campaigns on Social media, YouTube and any other platform you desire.

Create video ads for targets campaigns on Social media, YouTube and any other platform you desire.

Provide a more personal and human experience for your clients after conversion with regular video updates and training.

Feed the never ending hunger of your desired platform with attention grabbing social media video optimised for the best results

Repurpose your video content into different forms for different platforms to get maximum value and results.

Your client’s stories are something nobody else can market with. Use them to produce powerful video marketing you can use at every step of your sales & marketing system.

Long form video that’s turned into an audio podcast and then repurposed into a stack of short videos. It’s a content machine.

What can video production do for your business?

Still have some Questions?

We won’t actually believe video should be short. It needs to be the right length depending on the information your viewer needs at the stage of their journey with your business. 

As a result the videos we produce range in length a lot, we will always advise on how to they should be depending on your goals. 


We sure can, and we recommend this to every client. 

Every testimonial video you make can be turned in to 2-3 short versions. Each testimonial video package has this included so you can tell short stories in multiple places of your marketing mix. 

We recommend they are turned in to square videos for optimum social media impact. 

We’re very careful with branding, we like to ensure all of your fits in with the rest of your communication. 

We’ll always aim to finish a project before we start a new one, usually revisions are handled on the same day.

If you can get back to us on the same day you are sent the video it is more likely to be done there and then. If it takes a few weeks you could fall down the queue.

We like to help clients get smart with production. 

That might mean producing multiple videos on a day, especially if you have two clients very close to each other. 

You’ll get a better unit rate if we can film 2 clients on the same day too so we’d advise it. 

We’re a video production company based in Hertfordshire but we cover the whole of the UK for filming. 

For editing work we provide our service globally. 

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